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Are you looking for a Phoenix real estate agent? Your real estate goals are important. Who you team up with will impact your bottom line, and your real estate objectives, and your sanity. Yes, your sanity. Your work life is just like my work life in at least one way. We all get to work with people. Some fit, and some don’t. Isn’t it more enjoyable and productive to be working alongside those who share your values and ideas? The same is true when working with a real estate agent.

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Phoenix real estate agent John Cunningham with eXp Realty. Since beginning my career in 2002 I have sold over 500 homes across the valley in just about every city in the metro including  Scottsdale,
Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert. Glendale, and Phoenix to name a few. Between 2002-2009 I sold new homes for local and national builders. I have represented buyers and sellers in resale transactions since leaving the builder industry. Prior to all of my time as an agent, I worked in the construction industry as a contractor, so I have tons of experience in the housing business from the bottom up. Today I pride myself in being able to help sellers sell at the top and helping buyers buy at the bottom.


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