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Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Greater Phoenix is an amazing metropolitan. The Phoenix area is a great place to buy a house and enjoy your life. Every town, and city within the Phoenix metro has something to offer. All of them enjoy over 300 days of annual sunshine and beautiful weather. No snow blowers required here. So if you are new to Phoenix you can leave that scarf and parka packed away or trade them in for shorts and short sleeved shirts. It’s no wonder that the cities of the Phoenix metro have been dubbed as the valley of the sun.

Phoenix Lifestyle

Our fabulous weather allows for an incredible lifestyle. Let me paint a couple of vignettes for you: Imagine, you and your friends depart from your Arizona Biltmore homes and head over to downtown Phoenix to catch a Diamondbacks baseball game. Your friends in their Scottsdale golf homes would rather finish up their round and head over to the clubhouse for some bragging time. While all that is going on your friend Robert and his wife and kids are having their friends and family over for a barbeque and swimming in the brand new home with a big pool in Gilbert Arizona. There is something for everyone in the Valley of the Sun.

Phoenix Real Estate Growth

Greater Phoenix is growing smart. Although our metro is expanding it does not feel overcrowded like some of the other big metros across the US. The Arizona Department of Transportation and area planners are always two steps ahead of growth. Freeways are well conceived and in business before traffic problems take hold. A prime example is the 202 loop which made the commute to and from other parts of the valley a snap for people living in Chandler homes, Mesa homes, Tempe houses, and Gilbert houses. The current expansion of the I-10 freeway and the expansion of the connecting 202 aka the South Mountain Freeway is going to be a game changer for residents living in Goodyear homes, Avondale houses, Tolleson homes, Litchfield houses, and Glendale homes.

Decades ago our city planners were wise to push through with the development of the 51 freeway. That piece of road opened up development and housing opportunities to the north Phoenix and made commutes to north Scottsdale much easier. When the 101 loop went in Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, and Glendale all were given much shorter commute times for those driving to work in Downtown Phoenix.

The growth of our metro is nicely done. You can get around easily. Our streets are laid out in a grid format and you and practically eat off the streets themselves because they’re so clean. If you’re into hiking, biking, tennis, golf, fishing, waterskiing, running, or just like to take a walk and drink up some vitamin D in the sun, then the Valley of the Sun is the place for you.

Homes for Sale

Are you ready to see some of the homes for sale? You will love our website. You can really get around and see what all of our cities and towns have to offer. We’re a bit like those who have the vision for pour valley road system. We see the value in having a website focused completely on the homes in all of the cities. You will notice that our website is constantly being expanded and changed to keep up with the times. Looking for homes for sale near great schools? We have built hundreds of pages for the public and charter schools in each of our cities. We have them split into k-8 and high schools. On the school pages, we give you the school website link, the street address, and phone number along with all of the homes available for each of those schools.

Get To Know Phoenix Real Estate Agent John Cunningham

photograph of Phoenix Real Estate Agent John Cunningham eXp Realty

Are you looking for a Phoenix real estate agent? Your real estate goals are important and who you team up with will impact your bottom line, your real estate objectives, and your sanity. Yes, your sanity. Your work life is just like my work life in at least one way. We all get to work with people. Some fit, and some don’t. Isn’t it more enjoyable and productive to be working alongside those who share your values and ideas? The same is true when working with a real estate agent who wants to help you search through all of the homes for sale in the greater Phoenix area to find you the perfect home or help sell your home fast with the highest offer.

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Phoenix real estate agent John Cunningham with eXp Realty and I have been helping people sell their homes or find the perfect home to buy since 2002. Since beginning my career I have sold over 500 homes across the valley in just about every city in the metro including  Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, and Phoenix to name a few. Between 2002-2009 I have helped sell new homes for local and national builders. I have represented buyers and sellers in resale transactions since leaving the builder industry. Prior to all of my time as a real estate agent, I worked in the construction industry as a contractor, so I have tons of experience in the housing business from the bottom up. Today I pride myself in being able to help sellers sell at the top and help buyers buy at the bottom.

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