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Central Phoenix Corridor

The Central Phoenix Corridor is adored by many for good reason. Many of it’s residents simply would not even consider living in any other part of town. I guess that you could say that the patrons are die-hards to the bone. Let’s pull back the curtain and see what makes this fantastic neighborhood tick.

Central Phoenix Corridor Location

Our Central Phoenix Corridor is bound by 7th Streets and Avenues to the west and the east. Northern and Camelback define it’s north and south boundaries. It’s a lovely place to live and today you’ll see why we think so.

We will effectively take you on a tour of the area that so many call home here in Phoenix. Look at the vast variety of properties above and decide for yourself.

Central Phoenix Corridor Living

You won’t be left wanting when it comes to finding good shopping in the Phoenix Central Corridor. There’s plenty of it. Wether youre looking for exquisit clothing, handmade paper products, unique artwork, or just a darned good butcher we’ve got you covered here in CenPho.

Some of the options include Park Central, Uptown Plaza, Christown Spectrum, and the Town & Country Shopping Center. Tangelo Village Represents the smaller neighborhood strip mall where you can find staple places like Hobe Meats. Hobe is a local favorite that has been serviong the Central Phoenix Corridor for decades.

The Central Phoenix Corridor has some of the very best restaurants in the entire Greater Phoenix metropolitain. Some of the local go-to restaurants and bars are listed below. FYI: don’t think for a second that this is even a modestly complete list. It’s not. It just isn’t possible to list them all. Check out your favorite Yelp reviews to hone in on your own favs. Here’s a short list of local favs:

  • Phoenix City Grille – consider these coveted dishes: Uriel’s Green Chile Pork, The Green Chile Cheeseburger, The 16th St Beef Short Rib, PCG Pasta, and the Flank Steak. Top it off with a Brioche Bread Pudding, and go to bed without brushing your teeth so that you can enjoy the flavor all night long. Just sayin!
  • Postino Central – This place is a fun hangout for drinks and orderves. The vibe, the food, the wine, is all working together in a way that will make you come back time and time again.
    You gotta try this place if you haven’t already. Some of the Postino favs are so simple sounding that you may blow right by them Olives, are the perfect compliment to a glass of Chardoney. Down a NY grilled cheese if you want something salty and yummy and lingering. One of my favs is the Cheese Boards. Insist on the hard cheeses if you have a pallet like mine. My wife and daughter love the brie, so if youre with friends just go for the standard and everyone will find something they like onn that board. I promise.
    Federal Pizza has over 1300 reviews that equal an average score of 4.8 on Google. I have not personally been there, but after reading this I know I gotta do it, and soon. Soon, as in this week!
  • Clever Koi – This place serves a beautiful Korean Hot Chicken sannie, three different dumplings: pork, veggies, and short rib. I would try the Chicken katsu sandwich too. Gotta give anything cooked on the wok a try too.
  • Fame Cafe – The coffee drinks are all good. My fam and I have eaten there several times after church on Sunday mornings. It’s all good. Really good. The pastries are exceptional.
    One step into the lobby and you’d swear that Marilyn Monroe was sitting in there somewhere having a nice stiff cocktail. The place is iconic. And boy do they know how to cook a steak! For starters we LOVE the fried chicken lovers. They’re so salty and yummy. Also, if you are there for happy hour be sure to have the steak on a stick. I think they call it something like remnants.

How long does it take to hget from point A to point B. That is the question we answer here.

  • Downtown Phoenix – 5 – 10 minutes
  • Sky Harbor Airport – 18 minutes
  • Scottsdale – 23 minutes
  • Saguaro Lake – 50 minutes and it’s well worth the drive
  • Salt River Tubing – 41 minutes, You have to try this
  • Phoenix Zoo – 18 minutes gets you into the animal kingdom
  • Payson Arizona – an hour and a half
  • Prescott Arizona – an hour and 38 minutes
  • San Diego California – 5 hours and 46 minutes to be precise
  • Your local Jimmy John’s – about a m,illionth of a second [just wanted to see if you were still reading]
  • NYC – It’s a longggggggg drive. Better budget a week, or 36 hours of straigh driving at the legal speed limit.

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