Which Home Improvements Add Value When Selling Your Home?
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✍️ Which Home Improvements Add Value When Selling Your Home?

Home improvememtsDeciding which home improvements add value when selling your home changes depending on where you live. There’s a lot of information on the web about home improvements. So let’s dispel those rumors. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to lean on remodeling.hw.net since 1987 these guys have been collecting data. They started with 20 cities now including Phoenix that are 102 metropolitan that they focus on. And what is important in Minnesota is not necessarily important in Phoenix. So each city is unique and what they do is they have this little formula.

Your return on an investment divided by cost equals the value. Each of these 36 categories that they measure is either going to make you or take money away from you when it’s time to sell your home. Let’s take a look at some of those items. Major kitchen remodel. You’re going to get back 64 cents on the dollar minor kitchen remodeling. So what are the hot home decorations trend to find it out in a while.

Resurfacing the Cabinets Before Selling a House

Maybe resurfacing the cabinets during the home improvements, do a countertop, 73 cents, return on the dollar. How about a new roof? You are worried about your roof? Should you do it before you sell, it’s kind hard to tell but that’s really important to a buyer. However, you might want to leave that for negotiations with a buyer who may be attracted to your home. Because you’re only gonna get back 79 cents for each dollar spent during the negotiation period. You may be able to fetch dollar for dollar back. So I’d wait on that signing and stucco.

Here’s a moneymaker. You’re going to get back 118 cents for each dollar spent. So if your stucco is cracked and weather-beaten. I would definitely spruce that up with a couple of coats of paint, patch up any cracks that you have and make it look good so that when the buyer approaches your house, they’re oppressed.

Wondering How the Inside Looks

Instead of thinking, Check what’s inside Windows wood, you’re going to get back 106 cents for each dollar spent vinyl, even more, 109 cents for each dollar that you spend. What about remodeling your bathroom kind of tired-looking a little dated? If you tear that bathroom out, you’re in home improvements. You’re only gonna get 82 cents back for each dollar spent. So that’s a quick snapshot of what some of these major improvements will fetch you. I definitely look at siding, definitely consider windows. If you’ve got single-pane windows, we’re in Phoenix, that’s 110 in the summer. And a lot of that energy bill is going literally out the window if you’ve got those kinds of windows.

Declutter is Part of Home Improvements

Next in home improvements to do is let’s moving over to consumer reports in to fit consumer reports published top five ways to boost the value of your home clean and declutter. Now, sometimes one of the best places to spend some money on is hire a cleaning service. A professional cleaning service, hire a window cleaner. These are great resources that don’t cost very much money and it’s going to fetch you an extra three to 5%. What is that in terms of dollars? Well, if you have a $300,000 house, that means at least nine grand. That’s a lot.

If you need a good window cleaner, a good mate, go get the John C app, go to the app store and type in John C, no spaces, download that app. And all my vendors, I have interviewed each of them, research their background, make sure that they are a five star rated company with. Make sure they look good on Angie’s list, on Yelp and on Google. And then I meet with each of these people and many of them used them personally.

Download John C App

So if you’d like good resources for making these improvements, download the John Cunningham app next. Sprucing up the kitchen. What if you paint the kitchen, replace some of the old hardware. If you might have an older faucet that’s leaking, I definitely do that cause you’re going to get an extra three to 7% for taking care of those items. Freshening up the bathrooms, caulking around the tub, If it’s kinda got that dark line around the bottom where the tile meets the tub, you should take care of that, paint the bathroom. Any fixtures that are corroded, take care of those, get those replaced. An extra two to 5% in your pocket just for taking care of that. Painting rooms touch up as needed. If you have any bright colors in the house, I definitely paint over those with something neutral. You’re looking at an additional one to 3%.

Enhancing Your Exterior

If you’ve got overgrown shrubs, if your lawn needs to be edged, you might need to power wash the outside and paint the trim. You’re going to get an extra two to 5%. So all in all these items over here add up to 11 to 23%. Each house is unique, but that’s a lot of money. On a $300,000 house, you’re looking at an extra $33,000 in your pocket just for doing these items. So I would strongly urge you to make sure these things are in good order in your home improvements. Some of these make sense. Painting the stucco, replacing the windows.

If you can afford those things in home improvements you should do them, especially the paint. Now if you have any thoughts about selling your house and you’re trying to make decisions about these things, I’d be happy to meet with you and take a closer look at your home. If we need to bring any tradesman over, we can. We can do that too. But let’s just make sure we do the improvements to your home. They’re going to affect your top dollar so that you’re not leaving any money behind when you go.

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