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Choosing a probate real estate attorney can be difficult for someone to do. It’s not something a person needs to do everyday, so it’s understandable that this is like throwing darts in the dark without some direction.

Our Legal Network is a carefully chosen group of legal minds that are experts in probate. When it comes to legal representation no one wants anything less than excellent in their team members. This is especially true when it comes to protecting the estate that is likely to be headed for probate court. Just look at the Executor’s Duties to see just how much their is to do. Having a professional attorney at your side will shave time, mistakes, and heartache away from your process.

Having the right people at your side will save time and money. Something as simple as filling out a court document incorrectly can set back a probate months. Is the estate is responsible for ongoing expenses such as mortgage, utilities, and maintenance? If the answer is “yes”, time is literally money. The value of the estate is shrinking every time a mistake is made in court.

Your Probate Real Estate Attorney Resource

You wouldn’t hire a surgeon to represent you in probate court. Furthermore, you wouldn’t hire a patton attorney to handle your probate. That wouldn’t make sense. But, where do you begin? Yes, google has a zillion of them, but how do you sift through them? It’s not easy.

We research and interview each attorney before they go on our referral list. Not everyone who we have interviewed gets selected. Those with a deep knowledge of the probate process and demonstrate excellent customer service traits make the cut. This way, you get to start with a list that has already been refined. All you have to do is select the right probate real estate attorney from the Legal Network.

Do You Need a Fiduciary?

Being an executor and Personal Representative (PR) is an honor and a commitment. Sometimes the very best thing that you can do for the health of the estate is to hire a professional fiduciary to take the seat of PR. For example, if you are out of state and traveling to Arizona is just not realistic, then a fiduciary may be right for you.

If your family is already showing signs of tension over who gets what, then a fiduciary may be very helpful to your probate. A neutral party who is not receiving an inheritance through the will is more likely to come off as unbiased.

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