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As a probate real estate lawyer you know the value of time. The amount of time spent or lost can eat into the estate quickly. That’s why time is money in probate court. It’s important to have other professionals acquainted with probate who you can rely on. This is especially true where real estate is part of the probate.

John Cunningham here, at your service. I am a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES). Like you, I am trained in my field. You didn’t get to grab your license out of a Cracker Jacks box. Neither did I.

You would probably raise an eyebrow if you saw an executor represented by a bicycle mechanic instead of a probate attorney. We all know that would be silly and useless to the estate. Another poor choice would be to hire an attorney with no probate background.

There are so many real estate agents and attorneys in Maricopa county. How does one pick the right professional?

Probate Real Estate Lawyer – Best Real Estate Agent Choice

Closed sales equal high value ion the real estate biz. Just because someone touts x number of years experience doesn’t mean they are experienced. Between my new home sales career and resale experience I have sold over 600 homes. I did that over a 15 year period of time. My sales + years experience + training = a better choice.

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There’s nothing like a good review to prove excellence. Online reviews are important. They instill confidence. Still, there’s no substitute for meeting in person. Lets get together for a Starbucks. That way we can have an exchange and get a feel for what it will be like to work with me. When you get me you get a team with some backbone.

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