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    • A full a complete description of our Guaranteed Home Sale Program
    • Home Seller’s Maximum Impact Guide
    • A complete description of our Marketing and Prospecting plan: How is it John Cunningham eXp Realty continues to sell while other agents are asleep at the wheel, yet many people have never heard of us (hint: it’s called marketing… we target actual buyers and sellers… you will not see a billboard with my big goofy head on it saying “Look at me!  I love myself!”)  We love making sales and have developed a proven and repeatable system to do so!
    • Answers to your questions: including, Why do most all agent have no real idea how to sell homes?  Why do most agents use the 3 “P’s” of marketing and nothing else (put a sign in your yard, put your home into the MLS, and pray that somebody sells it!)?  Why do most agents do a terrible job communicating with their clients?  and many, many, more
    • The World’s Greatest HomeSeller Offer Ever!  You are not going to believe what we are willing to offer you to try out our services!  Free Upfront Valuation, Flip Your Home for Profits option, Video Home Tour (an actual video), $50 Starbucks Gift Card!… register or call for the complete list!!!
    • We will pay for an appraisal if you and I decide that one is necessary. (we reimburse you at the close of escrow once the home is sold).
    • Easy Exit Guarantee… you can cancel your listing at any time (what?  no other agent offers that!)
    • Communication Guarantee… you will hear from us as scheduled (often) or we’re fired!!
    • And much, much, more!

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