Is it a good idea to have your home inspected and get a pre-listing report before it even goes on the market? Keep reading to find out.

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Should you have a pre-listing inspection performed on your property? The answer is yes, and today I’m spelling out a few reasons why that is.

For one thing, by having a pre-listing inspection, you’ll be able to expose and remedy a lot of the issues that would arise out of a buyer’s inspection.

Doing an inspection in advance will give you the opportunity to prioritize and price out your repairs. This way, you’ll be able to nip high-priority items in the bud before your home is introduced to the market.

In addition to this, completing a pre-listing inspection and making repairs up front will help remove stressful negotiations that could otherwise ensue between you and a future buyer. You’ll be taking a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach.

Ultimately, you’ll fare so much better if you give certain items in your home a tune-up before you list.

Thirdly, it can disarm any unreasonable requests for credits or repairs that a buyer might make.

After your pre-listing report comes back, look at it from top to bottom and, if necessary, make upfront repairs to your roof or mechanical systems like your HVAC unit or hot water heater. Ultimately, you’ll fare much better if you give certain items in your home a tune-up before you list.

The bottom line is that a pre-listing home inspection would be a wise, very inexpensive investment on your part. Most of all, it could end up saving you thousands of dollars when you sell your home.

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