You work hard. You put in long hours, spend much time in the office, on the road, or on the site ensuring that you do the best possible job and forget to go to a vacation home.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Your Stressless Vacation Home

A van carrying a vacation home to bring somewhereOn top of that, when you arrive home, you have kids to get the sporting events, projects around the home that need meet the deadline, and errands to run before you can spend five minutes to yourself.

It makes for a very long day, every day.

This is why your vacation has become one of the most critical times of the year.

This is your opportunity to get away from it all and to spend time enjoying your getaway.

Your place away from the world where you don’t have to worry about the cares of your job, family, or community.

You can relax and enjoy.

You love your vacation home decor.

It feels different than you everyday digs do back in the city.

🛣 Making It a Place to Truly Getaway

To accomplish this, many people have chosen to purchase a vacation home. A spot where they can get away while also giving them scenic views, the perfect climate, and a place where they can ensure that their need for tranquility is met. It’s a truly spectacular place.A top view of a family having a vacation in the beach

However, that plea should be more than just a great view out the window or the perfect weather for you. It should be a place where the moment you walk to the door you feel like you have indeed gotten away from it all. A place where comfort is the priority. Where you can kick back, put your feet up, and enjoy a comfortable place to sit while you gaze out the window.

This sounds like the ideal place. It should be, but the problem is that most people don’t consider vacation home decor. They don’t spend that extra time trying to make sure they have purchased the right items to give that peaceful and comfortable feeling they so desire. Good design goes way beyond picking up some cute bath towels at the local box store.

If you are a person who is trying to get the right feel for your vacation home, then here are some things you want to keep in mind. These will help guide you so your vacation destination can be a place where you want to stay forever.

Creating Lasting Value

If you want to see your vacation home’s value rise without spending a fortune, then you might want to consider repainting your exterior.

Pay particular attention to color choices that enhance your property and cause it to pop.

👀 Your Right Kind of Look

A woman looked when she fell offBefore talking about specific kinds of products, it is essential first to address a certain look that you should want for your home decor.

The products you are choosing, such as furnishings, wallpaper, or flooring, should all fit within a certain kind of style or look that you desire, and so establishing what you are looking for is essential. Here are some of the most important things to consider first.


While most people don’t think of this particular factor when creating a certain kind of look, it was the place that was important to begin because it is the most practical.

No matter what type of furniture or other product you choose, you want something that is going to be around for a while so selecting an object that is durable is vital.

First off, consider this particular factor. It is likely that this will be a place that you may only visit for a couple of months at most. Purchasing something that isn’t going to last becomes a gigantic waste because you aren’t getting any value out of it at all. You want something that you can be sure is going to be well constructed so that 10, 15, maybe even 20 years from now it is still giving you the same kind of great comfort and look from when you first purchased it.

Also, consider that you may allow others to use your vacation home. Those people, whether they are family or friends, may not provide the same kind of tender loving care that you do. This means you want to choose something that you can be sure is going to last and be able to handle the rough and tumble lifestyle of those who may be staying in your vacation home.

Something You Love to Look at

Take a moment to look around your living room or bedroom for a moment. What you are likely going to see is that the look of this room is very pleasing to you. Maybe it is the colors on the wall, the look of your furniture, maybe even paintings that you have. There is a lot that you like, and this makes it enjoyable for you to come home every night. This is the kind of look and style you should want in your second home decor.

The same should be true of your vacation home. When you arrive there and walk through the door, you should feel like you were truly at home. It should be a place that is saying to you “welcome home; we missed you.”

This can all be accomplished by choosing colors and items that you genuinely like to look at. It goes beyond having a comfortable couch or chair or a cabinet that can hold all of the books or knickknacks that you want in your vacation home. You want something that goes well beyond functionality and comfort, something that is genuinely appealing to your senses.

Beautiful vacation home decor in kids bedroom

Go Over the Top

Because this is the place where you go to get away from it all, it likely means that you travel with your spouse or maybe a close friend or two. This means that you can go a little bit over the top in the choices of items that you purchase.

If you have hardwood floors, get yourself a couple of beautiful rugs that can go across the floor to keep it warm and comfortable, while also giving it a great look. There should be paintings in the vast majority of your rooms, and you should make sure that you have beautiful windows that enable you to be able to enjoy the great outdoors around you.

Get items that will provide you with activities you will enjoy, whether that is books, a large TV, a large volume of DVDs, a great stereo system, or any other thing that will help you to enjoy your time in your vacation home. This is the place where you want to enjoy life to its fullest, so make your vacation home decor second to none.

Get the Correct Lighting

Vacation Home Decor Lighting

When people think of lighting, they often believe that there needs to be a sufficient amount within the home. That part of it is right, but you also need to consider the opposite of that as well.
If this is a place where you and your spouse or other significant other enjoy getting away, then you may want something that provides you with a more romantic setting.

This would mean that you would want the ability to create softer lighting so that the mood is ideal. Today’s green LED lighting packages to offer beauty and energy savings all at the same time.

You may even include having a fireplace in your vacation home, something that you and your loved one can curl up in front of while you enjoy each other’s company.

However, it would help if you also wanted to make sure that the rooms are well lit, especially in common areas where lighting is essential. This includes such locations as your bathroom, kitchen, and den area. Inadequate lighting can make it difficult to see, which can take away from the enjoyment of your vacation respite.

Also, don’t be afraid to embrace natural lighting. There is nothing wrong with adding large windows to your vacation home, or even a sky roof. Allow the natural beauty of the sun and moon to come into your home so that areas become well lit by the beauty of nature. This is a fantastic touch.

Don’t Build Good Common Areas; Build Great Ones!

There are three common areas within your home: your bathroom, living room, and your kitchen. These are the areas where you will spend much time, and so making sure that they are areas you can enjoy to your fullest is essential. Thus, don’t make them a good place to go – make them a great one.

Go all out in your bathroom. Get yourself a spot top, a large shower area that includes either massage jets for the shower head or multiple shower heads or sprayers in the shower. Get a vanity that has two sinks, one for you and one for your spouse, and make sure that the flooring is comfortable, even if it means getting rugs.

In your kitchen, ensure that there is plenty of storage space for food items as well as your cookware and cutlery. Garbage disposal and a dishwasher is a right touch, and you may even want to have two ovens if you are a person who likes to do much cooking while you’re there. Some also like the idea of an island where they can perform other tasks away from the stove or other areas.

Focus Your Rooms on the View

Vacation Home View

Whether you are talking about the living room or your bedroom, ensure that the way that you have positioned your furniture and other decor is arranged so that you can fully enjoy the beauty around you if you look out the window.

One of the reasons you probably chose this vacation home was because it was in a spot that allowed you to enjoy the beauty, whether that was a beach, mountains, forest, or other kinds of setting. Set up your furniture outside so that it gives you a comfortable and perfect view of what is around you.

Get furniture that gives you the ability to be comfortable in your living room or bedroom while you gaze out the window. Make this the ultimate spot to enjoy the beauty of the world.

Specific Items to Make Your Vacation Home a True Dream

There are distinct items that don’t need to be mentioned. You are going to choose a quality couch, set of chairs, or set of furniture that makes it so that you are comfortable in your vacation home while you were watching TV or looking at the beauty around you.

Your bedroom set should come with a comfortable mattress, preferably king-sized, as well as a nightstand, dresser, and mirror. Everything that makes your home a fantastic place is what you should get for your vacation home. These are obvious things.

Where we want to focus on are those unique items that can make the decor of your vacation home truly special. The things that when you add them turn a nice good vacation home into something that is truly spectacular. Here are a few you want to consider:

Bar Cart

One of the images you have for your vacation home is a place where you are kicked back, drink in hand, gazing out the window upon the world around you. What better way to provide you with that drink in your hand than your own bar cart?

There are many great options out there, but consider some of the essentials of a good choice. First of all, it should be made with brass so that it gives a stylish look. Many of them even come with mirrored surfaces, which is a lovely touch.

Vacation Home Cocktails

There are also great wooden options. If your vacation destination is a place out of the woods or near a secluded area, you may find this a better choice. It is likely your vacation home will look more like a secluded kind of space, so choosing a wood bar cart would be an excellent choice for you.

You may ask yourself why a cart would be better than merely having a bar set up? That’s a good question, and the truth is that you want something that is portable. This portable thing enables you to be able to pull up your cart next to you while you’re sitting out on the deck or slide it up to your chair or couch while you’re sitting in the living room.

The portable option gives you a great place and an elegant look, something that will genuinely bolster your spirits while you’re sitting in your fortress of tranquility.

Curtains and Blinds

Most of us choose blinds or curtains based upon color, but it is essential to consider a different reason for your choice. You want to pick something that will either completely block out the natural light or allow it at levels that are pleasing to you.

Remember that natural light should be something that is embraced. However, not everyone likes that look. They may enjoy it for certain points each day, but prefer to have blinds or curtains that can completely darken the room. Finding the right choice will give you the look and feel you desire and make your home that much more comfortable.

This is especially true if your vacation home is also an excellent place for you to watch your big-screen TV. Having curtains or blinds that will completely darken room will make you feel much more like you are at the theater.

Sound, Sound!

This was kind of touched on during the discussion of going all out, but it is essential to discuss this more thoroughly. It is a good idea for your television and entertainment center that you get a system that enables you to have the highest quality sound while you are watching movies, playing games, or listening to music.

This is your vacation getaway, so don’t be afraid to go over the top with the system you were getting. Get yourself speakers that hook in through radio signal so that you can have eight or 10 speakers around your home enabling you to be able to listen to music anywhere in your house.

Make sure that four of those speakers are correctly positioned inside your room where you intend to watch movies or television most often. Make this an actual movie setting for you, like you are just at the theater. Of course, you get to enjoy it even more because it’s in the sanctity of your vacation home.

Also, get a high-quality entertainment system that enables you to be able to listen to CDs, hook your phone or music device through a Bluetooth setting, maybe even be able to listen to your old LPs. Get a quality component system so that you can get a great sound, allowing you to rock out.

WiFi for the Computer Guy

While you want to get away from your work, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to get away from your computer. You should not only ensure that you have a company that is providing you with a quality Internet connection but make sure you are getting a good router for your Wi-Fi.

Understand that there are some challenges that come with any router, mainly if they are not built to work over a longer distance, maybe even assured is just 50 feet. If you have an area that you like to sit outside and watch the sun come up as you play on your phone or your tablet, ensuring that you have a good Wi-Fi set up lets you enjoy it to the fullest.

You don’t have to buy the very best on the market, but you do need to get something that makes your vacation home a lot more comfortable. It is agreed that this isn’t really as much about the look of your home, but it is about the feel, and that is important. If every one of us is honest, we can’t survive for very long away from our phone or computer, so making sure you have a stable Internet signal wherever you are at in your home is essential.


There are a lot of things that go into this particular part of home decor. Not only are we talking about rugs and paintings, but statues, figurines, knickknacks, plants, and virtually anything that you would have around your house that doesn’t necessarily serve a functional purpose. It is more about the look than anything else.

Consider that when you are creating your vacation home decor, you are trying to build an atmosphere that is all about your personal sense of style. This is why finding the right items to decorate your home is essential. If you have shelving, a china cabinet, small spaces heading up the staircase, or even individual stands, you want to decorate your home with items that fit perfectly in these locations.

Surprisingly, even a plastic tree or bush can add a great look around your home. Maybe you don’t have time to pop up to your vacation home to make sure that the plants are watered on a regular basis, so choosing some plastic options can still give a great look while not having to worry about coming back to a dead bush.

One specific touch about choosing paintings that should be mentioned is to find some local artists that live around your vacation home. They would not only love to know that their work was hanging in your home, but you could create a whole lot of buzz for a struggling artist trying to get their name out. What a fantastic conversation piece that could help to turn a painter into an artist in many people’s eyes.

📜 It’s in the Details

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into creating the right look for your vacation home. You want to create an choose the right home decor so that this becomes the ultimate place to get away. Everything about it says that this is a place you never want to leave.

By spending a little time trying to figure out what look you want for yourself and then finding the perfect items to fit that look, you can indeed make this home decor the ideal feel for yourself. It may be so good that you find it impossible to leave. Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have?

⏰ When it’s Time to Sell Your Vacation Home

Every good thing has a season. Seasons come and seasons go. When it’s time to move on make sure that you are working with a powerful agent. Have an agent who knows how to showcase your vacation home decor and bring those eyeballs to the screen pining after your place. Don’t put a sign in the ground until you have a comparative market analysis to review so that you price the property to sell for max dollars.

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