The typical house has 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, and most importantly living room. Here’s a helping list of urban living room ideas.

📃 Important Urban Living Room Ideas

A toy is lying thinking to its urban living room ideasDo you know what it takes to improve your living room design?

With all the rooms in your house the one thing nobody wants is each room to look exactly the same.

To a point where they can’t tell the difference between one room and the next.

Interior design is a highly sought-after trend of today. You think most of these trends that fade overnight are trash.

So you must know what are for overnight designs that fades.

Determine what things they need in the living area and what it’s purpose.

The first thing that everyone needs to do in order to improve their urban living room ideas design.

For most of us the only purpose is to sit, relax and entertain company. What is the purpose of your living room?

With so many different rooms, different purposes, and different ways to design a room.

I know you are probably a little overwhelmed, but you shouldn’t be.



Tips to Improve Living Room Design

🛋 Smaller Furniture

The reason why you should use smaller furniture in our urban living room ideas (and I don’t mean a small couch) is because you want the main focus to be on comfort and design.

Using smaller furniture really helps to relax people and make the room seem more inviting. You won’t have so many big items in one room that is meant to be clean and spacious.

🗄 Less Clutter

Another thing you need to understand is that a room is not supposed to be cluttered.

A living area is meant to be free from all clutter and actually have space to add more things if the need arises.

Always remember that if you don’t have enough room for each person sitting in your living area, to put down a drink then your room is too cluttered.

Follow the urban living room ideas and you’ll find more comfortable room in your house.

⬜ Clear Walls

The reason why you need to keep your walls clear. For putting pictures up from one side to the other makes the room look smaller and makes it look cluttered.

It isn’t good to have more than 5 pictures in any one room of the house.

Since urban living room ideas isn’t something most people have an eye. No wonder more and more people are turning to professional designers for all their household design needs, that make all the difference.

Just because your home doesn’t look like it just came out of a magazine that it isn’t stunning, each home has it’s own ups and downs and that is up to you to figure out.

Always remember that if your guests don’t have a place to put down a drink, then you are either too cluttered. You simply need to buy another small coffee table.

🏨 Apartment Decorating Ideas

Whether you are in a temporary rental space or in your apartment home, just because you have a landlord doesn’t mean you can’t make it look like your own and apply an urban living room ideas.

Obviously you won’t be knocking down walls and remodeling but you can get creative with your furniture and home decor.

📜 Create a Theme or Focal Point

Often an apartment comes with very little charm and quite often not much of a view.

White or beige walls can seem a bit boring but with some imagination you can fix that right up.

I find that Photography is very effective in apartment living.

Because we need a focal point and we don’t have a great view, I like to use a piece of Landscape Photography to set the mood.

You can mount a large photograph of a nature scene, beach scene or cityscape in the middle of your living room and turn your apartment into a destination.

An amazing photo of a luscious landscape full of color will make any apartment come alive. Like the city? Display a picture of the New York City Skyline at night.

The possibilities are endless.


🎨 Color

back of a man gathering some urban living room ideasYou usually can’t paint the walls when you are renting an apartment, so you have to get your color somewhere else.

Window treatments such as curtains can be a great source of color for any room. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg either.

If you are using hand me down furniture or don’t have the budget for new. You can always color your couch with a cover as part of your urban living room ideas.

You may also use colored fabrics on an end table to match. Compliment the colors between curtain, couch and table.

Another reason Photographs are so great. You can easily match a landscape scene or city scape to any of the colors and accessories you already have.

It’s not like finding a painting that doesn’t go with anything you own, and have to build the room around it from scratch to make it work.

You can find a photo on any topic in a range of colors.

Here are some of the house painting colors that will make your urban living room elegant.

I would also recommend the 3 panel triptych photo format because it tends to blend better with the room.

The three equal sized frame less panels display more like a collection of pictures. That have a softer effect in the room than a large framed piece of art which can be over powering.


📏 Space

A big problem with apartment living is space or more accurately the lack of space.

I think that there is a tendency to use more decorative items in a small space. To make it seem warmer when less really is the answer.

Well placed furniture, wall art and decor items with complimentary colors. That will make urban living room ideas feel much larger and more elegant than a bunch of clutter any day.

So remember, Create a Focal Point – Choose your colors – Less is More


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