Tiny House Living is preferred by couples, singles and some families who spent time traveling and exploring places. This spares them from paying house taxes and mortgages.

🏡 Good Thing in Tiny House Living

A wooden tiny house living by small family in the provinceTiny house living allows you to save and spend more on yourself.

It has created a sense of freedom in youths.

For some families, the tiny house living lifestyle is somehow tricky because of limited space.

However, for families to live in a tiny house there’s other ways and tips to save money around the house and spend more for yourselves.

Step on is to make a decision about making the change.

This tiny house concept might be a challenge.

Maybe you have a Under $500K home in Scottsdale with an Arizona room.

Your house that isn’t all that big.

Perhaps you’ve got some equity and a tiny home lifestyle could allow you to live debt free.

Going small might not be as difficult for you.

You just have to decide if the new lifestyle will work for you.

Incorporating these tips in your will make you more comfortable.

Whenever you plan to this tiny house move, you must choose carefully what to bring in there since the space is just limited.

Packing up things before moving would be a difficult task but you will have a much smoother move when you have the right supplies on hand.

Get Ready to Part with Your Stuff

We suggest the 3 box method.

  • Goodwill
  • Trash
  • Keeping

You’ve got to get ready to do without.

You are going to go through a deep-decluttering experience.

It’s a freeing experience. Once you do it you will wonder what took you so long.

Make Your Tiny Home More Private?

🏘️ Add extra partitions

Partition your homes in such a manner that it’s clutter-free creates space for family members to move freely and live.

A simple partition can divide a single room into two.

This will improve on the privacy of family members while resting or changing.

For a tiny house living lifestyle, try as much as possible to add extra partitions to your tiny home.

🛌 Bunk beds

A Tiny House Living surrounded by many treesBunk beds are an attractive option especially if you have kids or large family size.

For a limited space in a tiny house it’s better to customize your furniture to save more space.

You need people in Phoenix who specialize in providing you with all the different options available to your tiny house for your remodeling needs.

Install bunk beds to fit permanently into the walls of your house.

Bunk beds can slide of their position if you wheel your tiny home to move.

Therefore install it closer to the wall, to make the room to appear spacious, add rugs and mats, to create more sleeping space.

This tip will help you if you prefer the tiny house living lifestyle.

🛋️ Foldable beds

Adding sofa-cum-beds is an attractive alternative when you have chosen a tiny house living option.

These beds can be folded into sofas when you are awake or kept folded.

Regardless of the number of family members, they can adjust very well in extra foldable bed.

🛏️ Beds and Compartments with Storages

Design your beds to have a storage compartment for your bags, clothes, and shoes, etc.

Beds that offer storage options are top leading.

Buy a rotating wardrobe to separate your seasonal dressed.

Opting for furniture that can provide ample storage space will create space in your tiny home.

🍽️ Eating Area/kitchen

Two Tiny House for LivingCreating space for dining and kitchen is very challenging for a tiny house living condition.

Add tables and chairs that match with the overall size of the living room.

Large chairs and sofas will reduce the space available in your living room.

Your eating area should meet your needs.

If you require more space for storage, create one, if you have large appliances those should go on Craigslist or OfferUp ASAP.

Tiny House Alternatives

Maybe smaller rather than tiny will a better choice for you.

A 2 bedroom home in Phoenix may be perfect for a husband, wife, and one – 2 children.

A single woman may be happy living in a condominium in Scottsdale or a Tempe condo.

Either way, living small is within your reach.

The tiny home movement is as much a mind-shift as it is a structure type.

The concept is “less is more”.


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