Are solar panels worth it? We’re going to find out the reality of being less dependent on the big utility companies is coming into the light.

🤑 Are Solar Panels Worth it?

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So are Solar Panels Worth it?

A man is in the roof sitting thinking about the Solar Panels Worth for the houseWell, it really depends. How much does your local utility company charge per kilowatt here in the greater Phoenix area? It’s between eight and 12 cents or so. Now you can pay a little more or you can pay a little bit less depending on the plan that you’re on during low or peak hours. So just check those out with APS or SRP and see where you stand with the current plan that you’re on.

But based on those averages, it takes about six to eight years for you to recapture your investment. When you buy solar here in 2019 here in the Valley, there’s so much money to be saved by owning solar equipment.

The Venetians can look forward to saving somewhere between 20 and a hundred thousand dollars on their utility bill by owning solar equipment over the lifetime of their ownership.

Now other factors that will impact the value of your solar equipment and how quickly you get paid back are the tax credits, and the value of the system that you install. So make sure to shop competitively, get a good deal on your system and don’t overpay.


💲 Invest in Equipment Beneficial for Your Home

But by all means, make sure you invest in quality equipment. Like anything, you’ll always regret buying cheap and you’ll never regret buying the best. Now if you’re a homeowner who owns solar panel and you are thinking about selling your home within six to eight years. Before that six or eight-year payback period shows up, you can still get great value for solar panels when you go to sell it.

And here’s why. It’s because buyers are now becoming more and more savvy about energy-saving equipment. They are demanding it in their homes. That’s why new home builders are building these homes with these new features integrated into those homes. People want to save money. People want to lower their carbon footprint. You can best bet that there are buyers out there who are willing to pay top dollar for your home, if you’ve got solar panels on it.

The bottom line is going green is really smart, and the longer you stay in your home. If you’ve invested in solar and energy-saving equipment, the more you’re going to benefit. Why not check the benefits of solar panels- the good, the better and the best.

If you have any questions about Phoenix real estate or solar equipment, I’d be happy to have a conversation with you and those questions. In the meantime, down below, I’ve got links to great playlists about solar energy buyer tips and seller tips. I’m Phoenix real estate agent, John Cunningham with exp Realty. Thanks for watching this video. See ya.

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