The Shops at Town and Country is a beautiful outdoor style shopping mall in Phoenix Arizona with popular stores like Whole Foods, LA fitness, and Twin Peaks Brewing Co.

🛍️ Shops at Town and Country

collection of whole food, high quality fishing rod, fitness equipment, best tasting beer in Shops at Town and CountryEach mall has its flavor and character, and they have a variety of anchor stores. Town and Country in Phoenix continue to maintain heavy shopping popularity as it evolves with the times. Recent renovations were made to the perimeter pads and some of the core buildings are seeing refreshing upgrades too.

Consider how fun and relaxing these shops are to visit. You might have found a brand new place to buy all your wares.

Neighborhoods Around Town & Country

There are lots of great neighborhoods to consider around The Shops at Town and Country.

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Granada Park is just south of Lincoln Drive; it has 2 man-made lakes for urban fishing. There’s a good bit of dog walking going on at the park, and some can even be seen hiking the trails with their masters.

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🏘️ Homes Near The Shops at Town & Country

🕓 Hours

Analog clock in Hours in Town and CountryThe Hours for every shops at Town and Country are about the same.

They traditionally open at ten as every other shopping mall does, and they close at 9.

On Sunday, they begin at noon, and most of the shops close at 5 or 6 depending on the location.

Every store has the right to keep its hours, and they often change their hours around special holidays and promotions.

It is best to check the Town & Country website before coming out.

🚗 Parking

Red and blue car parking in Car Parkings in Town and CountryParking for the location rings the shops, and you can park in a place that is quite close to where you want to go.

You have handicapped and pregnant or nursing spots near the front, and there is a variety of spaces for the people who want to slip in and out.

You are not stuck when searching for parking because the parking lot is a complete circle.

🛒 Anchor Shops

Young woman shoping in anchor shops in Anchor Shops in Town and CountryAnchor shops at Town and Country Mall are lovely places to start your shopping adventure.

You have any place to go once you get inside the mall, but the anchor stores are natural places for you to park, remember where you are, and take care of shopping or lifestyle concerns.

Each of the anchor stores below is nearby other cute shops you might like, and you start working outward from the anchor shops as you enjoy your day.

🍞 Whole Foods

Fresh big oranges in Town and CountryWhole Foods is the poshest of all the area markets, and it seems some of the healthiest foods in the world.

The store is appointed perfectly and gives you a lovely grocery shopping experience even if you came to the mall to do other things.

Find some good food to snack on while you shop and the store will be there when you come back through on your way home.

🏋️ LA Fitness

green kettlebells for LA Fitness in Town and CountryLA Fitness is a great place to get in shape, and you must have a good workout routine when you get there.

You might come through to go to a class before shopping, or you might try the gym if you work in the mall.

The gym has childcare for your classes, and they have many machines to use as you work out.

Your body is in much better shape because you chose to use the gym when you came out for a round of shopping.

🏪 Container Store

Boxes with various things in Container Store in Town and CountryContainer Store is the beautiful and inventive store that always seems to have everything you need to put things in. Anything. Any size.

You might have been familiar with the Container Store long ago when it was first starting out, and it is much more progressive today.

The Container Store helps you plan your home, organize your things, and make the house look beautiful.

You might swing through for a single item, or you can have a consultation with a home organizing expert.

🎣 Orvis

High quality fishing equipments in Town and CountryOrvis is the outdoor paradise that is very high-class.

If you have not been in an Orvis before, you will remember their name from the Ford Explorers they once adorned with their products and finishing.

The company is still going strong, and they offer an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors that is much more sophisticated than what other stores offer.

You might buy apparel in the store for your next trip, supplies for the journey, shoes, or gear that keeps you safe.

🍻 Twin Peaks Brewing Co

Beer Keg for Twin Peaks Brewing Co in Town and CountryTwin Peaks is the best place to go for a meal, and you can sit down to eat after a long day of browsing and shopping.

Turning this mall into a day trip gives you a chance to enjoy Twin Peaks truly, and you must try them lunch or dinner menu with a tasty beer.

They are making their beers in-house, and they have many beers on-tap that you might enjoy.

There is a great kids menu, and there are desserts that you must try.

🧐 Conclusion

The Shops at Town and Country is the best place to come when you want to enjoy some shopping, get a workout, and have something to eat.

You might stop for some groceries at Wholefoods, or you could go to the gym.

Correct the assortment of stores in between, and let them give you everything from accessories to fashion and shoes.

Each store has its flavor, and you must bring your kids because they find playgrounds, ice cream, and fun stores for them.