This Optima Biltmore Penthouse has all the views. Walk to everything. Shopping. Dining. Entertainment. The Biltmore Lifestyle at 24th & Camelback awaits you. Come take a look at this outstanding residence ASAP.

Imagine! You get off work at your Camelback Biltmore Office and start walking home.

It’s 68°.

It’s perfect out.

Still, you walk with a quick step.

You can’t wait to get home.

You just purchased a spectacular place.

You could pinch yourself!

Your Evening in Your Optima Biltmore digs

Up the elevator. A hop and a skip down the hall to your place.

You walk in and just take it in.

It’s an exciting place to dwell, that’s for sure.

You’ve gotta get busy though.

She’ll be here in 45 minutes and you promised her dinner.

You love to cook so you have at it.

She arrives.

Dinner is a 10 outta 10.

Now you head out to the patio for a nice glass of wine, great views, and some great laughs.

Those city lights are so romantic.

She thinks so too.

Morning Routine

The alarm sounds and you head up to the roof for a swim.

It’s your favorite exercise.

You shower off and suit up for another day at work.

As you enjoy your second cappuccino you high tail it outta there and start your 6-minute walk.

You don’t have to tell yourself that you have made the right decision choosing Optima Biltmore as your place to call home.

Sure, you could have opted for the suburb and the big yard, and the long drive to work, and the chores around the house every weekend.


…Who needs that.

You’re loving the Biltmore lifestyle.

For more information on this great place, you can text or call John at 1-480-442-3501.