Concerned About Selling Your House? It doesn’t need to be scary if you avoid the temptations that many fall into. Let me tell you about a few things that will make selling your home like butter.

👛 Won’t Get a Good Price

Concerned About Selling Your House? Here's why some get stuckPhoenix leads the way with 47% of homeowners concerned about getting top dollar when selling your house. This, according to an Inman News Article titled “Opendoor survey“: More homeowners would move if process were easier”.

Inside the tea leaves it is stated that OD hired iBuyer to produce a survey in cities where the brokerage operates (minus Atlanta where they have only operated for a short time).

Now, back to our top concern: Getting a good price when selling your home. It seems that nearly half of the homeowners in Phoenix and other cities across the US would move if they could be assured of not leaving equity behind when they sell. It’s a valid concern.

Make one mistake here and you could be out thousands.

Nobody wants to find out that their home sold again a few months later for a fist full of dollars more than they sold it for.

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As we move forward on the topic of selling your house it might be helpful to have a point of reference.

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⏳ Takes too Long

Fast & Easy

How much is your time worth? If you had to wait an extra 15 – 90 days to get an extra, $15,000, $30,000, or even $50,000 would you wait. Most would say yes. Then how come people don’t? It’s simple. They don’t even know it happened to them when the gauntlet drops. It’s fast, and painless (unless, they come back a few months later to see what these companies fetch when they sell it for a ridiculous profit).

Fast and easy often go together. They are a natural fit. When you see Fast, easy, and things like “more money”, or “top dollar” all in the same sentence, beware. You might be dealing with that wolf in sheeps clothing.

Just think about it for a moment. Remember when we were kids? There was always that horse trader who could swindle your best baseball cards outta your hands and make you think you got a deal. Same can happen in the real world when selling your house.

Another comparison is the car dealership. You can advertise your car yourself or sell it to the dealer. Does the dealer do this at their expense? Of course not. You know it. I know it. We all know that the dealer just made a sweet profit.

Wether you are trading baseball cards, selling a car, or selling your house, it doesn’t have to be done recklessly. Do things right and you will attract the right buyer (s). Do things right, and the market will respond. Take the easy, fast route and be prepared to give something up. Probably a bunch of money. Selling your house to a party who wants to make a low-ball offer on your pad  can open doors to (pun 🤔 intended) leaving thousands of dollars behind. Don’t do it. You’ll only regret it later on down the road if you do. Among other things getting advice from a home staging company makes sense.

🛠 Making Repairs

Making home repairs is a never ending obligation. Like a ball and chain, the homeowner can sometimes feel like all they do is go to the hardware store. Then, when it’s time to think about selling the anxiety ramps up like a kid geeked up on sugar.

This state of mind reminds me of that “forest through the trees” saying. It is hard to see the end with the tasks before you sometimes. That’s why it just makes a lot of sense to recruit some good old fashioned help.

Hiring a skilled handyman is not only a smart decision, it’s a stress reliever too. If you have your list of repairs organized before the work begins the worker can work efficiently when the job starts. You might be astonished to see how much can get done in a few hours.

What about that list. Well, that’s a darned good question. How do you know what to fix and what to leave as is? It is possible to work continuously and run yourself into the ground without some clear direction. That’s why it typically makes lot of sense to hire a home inspector to create that list for you. If you are selling your house and have concerns about repairs, an inspection makes a ton of good sense.

The report the inspector generates will guide the handyman. A good handyman who is experienced in working on inspection items for buyers agents knows what items are commonly called out when a request for repairs is handed down. Tackling these items first will help you streamline the process and eliminate current and future worries.

Landscaping Updates

If you really want to turn off would-be-buyers just stop paying attention to the landscaping. In all seriousness, you’ll get a fantastic ROI when you tune up that tired landscaping before you go to market. Just think about it. It makes a ton of good cents, and dollars too 😁.

❌ Disrupts Life

hand interrupts the falling of primary colored dominoesRunning a household is a big job, yes? Amen to that! Your daily life and patterns are so susceptible to interference as it is. Kids get sick. Moms and dads get sick. Air conditioners break. Pipes break.  In-laws stay longer than expected. Internet goes down. Toilets back up. You get the picture.

Then, heap on top of that the sales and marketing of a house and it’s no wonder that people sell their homes for thousands less than market value to predatory opportunists like Opendoor and Offerpad.

Selling a house can be the last straw that sends an already fragile household right over the edge.

Fortunately, having a skilled real estate agent at your side can minimize the disruption and significantly increase the dollar amount that you get to keep in your pocket once the sale is complete.

🏡 I won’t Find Another House I can Afford

Finding a house you can afford is a valid concern if you are low on equity and income. The stronger your income and equity position is, the more likely yo are to be able to find a place without worry.

Again, having a strong agent at your side will help. You should be able to analyze your situation pretty quickly. By doing so you can quickly decide if this is the right move for you or not.

Your eyes can learn a lot. You can look at what’s on the market from your computer. Using a website like this one allows you to hone in and find that bulls-eye. It will give you an advantage over Zillow users. Why? It’s because Zillow relies on tax records to track real estate sales. Those records lag. Sometimes by several weeks. Even months sometimes. That’s why lots of homes that are “available” on Zillow really sold and are no longer available. The MLS property database is still the vortex of the most reliable residential real estate data. There isn’t anything else out there that comes close.

This is where teamwork is critical. Your agent cannot make your home choices for you. That’s personal. You are going to be an important part of the team. You look, save favorites, and tell your agent when to modify the search if necessary. The agent, will do the rest of the heavy lifting when selling your house.

Finding a new place should be the fun part. You can do it. Work with your team. Include your family. Talk to your agent often. Remember, you don’t have to go it alone.

🤑 I will Sell at the Wrong Time & Miss Out on Equity Value

You know what they say. Timing is everything. I guess there’s enough truth in that statement. It’s also true to say that no one has a crystal ball that can predict the real estate market future.

The further out you speculate the less accurate your hunches are likely to be. Developing a strategy is key here. Taking action on that strategy is even more important than the developing of it.

Have you ever met someone who is chronically indecisive? Always needing just a little more information before they move forward?

Stepping out requires faith. Faith in your decision, faith in your research and faith that everything will be ok no matter the outcome.

You can look ahead and make your buying decision wisely. You’re not going to die. Take a deep breathe and go for it.

You just might end up with a new property that exceeds your expectations and brings your family years of good life in a place that makes more sense for you given your current circumstances.

⏰ I wont Find Another Home In my Personal Timeframe

Father time doesn’t wait on anyone. Wait to the last minute and you will get crushed every single time. On the flip side of that, if you plan wisely you will be able to work within a timeframe woman on bench with head down and large clocks in the backgroundand get what you want in your new digs.

Don’t let concern about time get in your way. Just think about the timeline you have and decide if you are going to have the time you need or not. You might have to be more aggressive with your market price if you have to get things wrapped up quickly. it’s a trade off. Most people don’t end up having to move without having time to do some planning.

Planning your move will show you how many days, weeks, months you are going to need to get the job done right.

🗝 Selling Your House Can Be Exciting

While reading the fun part you might want to take 15 seconds and get our down & dirty, no frills instant home valuation. Just remember, these valuations are determined by homes similar in size to yours that are in your neighborhood or close by. The computer does not know what condition the homes are in that are being compared to yours. at least it’s a starting point. 

Creating a multiple offer scenario (bidding war) is the best way I know of to get the highest price. OR, sellers can “get an offer in just a few clicks” from a company or two out there. Who is going to profit from that? Think about it…

Selling a house doesn’t have to be troubling. In fact, it can open doors to the new adventures that you are imagining. So, why not go for it? Why not get your property sold so that you can find that place you’ve been dreaming about? Selling real estate starts with simple things that must get done like taking professional photographs and writing a top notch MLS property description.

🐺 Wolves in 🐑 Sheeps Clothing

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. In other words beware of companies who ride in on their little pink ponies and say you can get an offer on your home with the press of a button. They might be snagging your hard earned equity right from under your nose. Correction, that’s exactly what they are doing.

Another one of these wolves is a company says that they provide “The Easiest Way To Sell Your House Fast”. Sound familiar? It should. Just another company that makes it’s profits by pulling your dollars out from under your feet. And all the while they smile, join hands with you, and sing kum-ba-ya. Then they run away laughing all the way to the bank. That’s a fact Jack!

Don’t let this happen to you. Hire a powerful agent. Choose one who fits with your personality. Picking the right agent is equally important to making other impact in life.

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