Imaging a fight over inheritance. In addition, imagine it is your own daughter’s. They’re in court with each other battling for your money. That’s what happened to Troy and Shirley Isom. It all happened after the parents were murdered. The fighting began shortly after the murdered couple were laid to rest. Unimaginable. Right? This is the kind of story that goes far beyond the heinous crime in the spotlight. We have a life lesson here. A dramatic example about proper estate planning. Furthermore, this story magnifies how emotions can spin out of control if money is at stake.

Fight Over Inheritance Brews – Estate Documents Clouded with Suspicion

In this case the Deceased man’s daughter is suing. She is suing the deceased woman’s daughter. The law suit claims that Shirley’s daughter took control of the estate secretly. She allegedly had Mr. Isom sign new estate planning documents prior to his death. These documents removed the inheritance rights from his daughter. The new paperwork gave Shirley’s daughter power of attorney and other powers over the estate. How could this have been avoided?

Store Copies Of Will in More than One Location

One way to protect the integrity of your estate plan is to have it in a safe place. Your estate planning attorney can keep a copy. You can keep a copy. You can give copies to your children too. Having updated copies stored in more than one location makes corruption of these documents nearly impossible.

Of course where there is money there is always the possibility of having a fight over inheritance. In conclusion, your estate is less susceptible to foul play when you take precautions. Your estate planning decisions can stop fights before they begin. Your estate planning documents can do more than safeguard. They can protect your family from future squabbles.

For more information about safeguarding your estate you should speak with an attorney. Don’t have one? Ask your trusted friends who they use. You can also check out our Attorney Network.