Maximizing your home value is a good thing to keep in mind when preparing to sell your home. This is very much in your control. If you want to max out your sales price read on.

There’s a huge sigh of relief that housing prices are on the upward trend. That means it’s the ideal time to spruce up your home’s market value. Whether you’ve been residing there for years or just bought it, improving your home value is easier than you think.

Try our tricks in the trade to maximize your home value in no time. Read on and take notes. Make sure to review the related posts at the bottom from experienced agents throughout the US.

✏️ Maximize Your Home Value – Plan, Plan, and Plan

a man thinking of his home valueHave a Plan Before Anything Else!

The absolute best and fastest way to up your home’s value is to make a sound plan.

This way, all the fixes or upgrades will be intentionally rather than done on a whim.

You should make sure that 75% to 80% of home improvement costs go into your house through increased value.

Plan well, and prioritize necessary upgrades first. You know what they say about planning.

Fail to plan and you are planning to fail.

That could not be more true when it comes to real estate and preparing to sell a property.

The time you spend with pen and paper will pay off in spades. Remember, it doesn’t cost a dime to think, and seek wisdom. Ask, contemplate, and plan.

This up front thinking will help you make the right decisions and will increase your home value if you take your time and move with intent.

Having an expert agent on your side can really help with this process.


🔎 Bring in a Professional Home Inspector

Find a Trusted Inspector

Much like a doctor, a certified home inspector will check for any defects in your house. If your house gets a clean bill of health, you can go ahead with upgrades with more confidence.

This can also minimize much stress and disagreement between you and the buyer. Having a home inspection up front won’t make your house perfect.

It will, however, give you a chance to make obvious repairs before you market the home to buyers.

Your agent should be able to help you find home inspectors who are acquainted with common repair items that pop up on almost every report.

At first this step might seem like money that doesn’t need to be spent. Those who do this are often relieved and most frequently dealing with much fewer problems when the buyer speaks up about repairs.

🚿 Clean the House Often, and Thoroughly

If your home is on the market, it’s important that you stay on top of cleanliness. See to it that every room in your house looks fabulous – from sparkling countertops and scrubbed grout to shining floors and bright windows. Cleaning is an instant investment that can pay off later in a big way. It also offers you a sizzling opportunity to put your best foot forward.

It isn’t clean Until It Smells Good

When you’re all done cleaning walk outside of the house and don’t go back in for at least 5 minutes. Walk back in and inhale while your eyes are closed. Does it smell great? It has to. Buyers will be keenly impacted by odors.

If you have a pet or cook a lot in your home you may have a Goliath on your hands. Getting the house smelling great is one of the most important steps to cleaning. If it doesn’t smell right keep after it. Your home value could be increased or hammered depending on what it smells like when your potential buyers see the home.

Those plugin oil air fresheners can really help. Having carpets professionally cleaned can work like magic too. Just keep repeating the process: go outside, come back in, close your eyes, and inhale. Remember, clean, clean, clean. It’s so inexpensive to do.

🍴 Focus on the Kitchen

During showings and open houses, the kitchen is poised to take center-stage. So why not concentrate on making some upgrades on this marketing jewel? Undertake a mini-remodel such a changing the paint; it might sound simple, but it works like a charm.

Go for Stainless Steel Appliances

it’s all the rage in the real estate market right now. Don’t forget to put out fresh potted flowers and new pot racks. First impressions mean everything in the real estate game. They not only impact home value, they also mean the difference between someone making the trip across the front door threshold altogether.

🛁 Redecorate the Bathroom

The bathroom can bear the brunt of wear and tear. That’s why you need to make elegant-looking fixes. Here, think of modern faucets, marble or granite counter-tops, and heated floors to name a few. You may also want to nix overhead lighting for wall mounts. making these small adjustments can create a mood that is parallel with that of a luxury hotel. Lighting, smell, and color are on center stage in the home selling biz.

🚪 Don’t forget the Curb Appeal

An Appeal that Would Make you Look Back

In real estate, the first impression is the only impression. That said, most buyers make their decisions right from the outset of the house. Focus on the front yard – give it a fresh paint, plant new lawn, fresh garden plants, blossoming flowers, and so forth. You may also have to power-wash the driveway and the sidewalks. The front door should be perfect. The casing, glass (if you have glass in your front door), the stain, varnish, or paint all need to be in pristine condition. No cutting corners here. The entry is the first thing they see. It’s gotta look great.

🛏 Staging

Staging Is the Best-Kept Secret of The Rich and Famous

People are very emotionally impacted by what they see.

They have a hard time imagining something they can’t see when walking through a home. People’s emotional reactions are critical to have in mind when placing your interior furniture and accessories.

Hiring a stager (interior designer on rent) is the way to hit the bulls eye. You will be on track to selling the property more quickly and for a few more dollars.
Want to get that home sold lickity-split? Hire a staging service. They typically offer packages that range from re-purposing what you have in your home to bringing in big pieces of furniture and accessories.


💆 Still, Feel Overwhelmed?

Help is right around the corner.

Angie’s List is a God-Send.

You can read reviews for each specialty contractor that you need.

Everything from the handyman.

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