Phoenix Home Builders is a home construction company with major projects in the Phoenix Metro area. Over the years, the homebuilder has earned a reputation for integrity, honesty, and value in all its endeavors.

As a local homebuilder and contractor, Phoenix Home Builders has demonstrated a commitment to quality craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction in all its projects.  The company works closely with reputable local contractors, award-winning architects, and designers to create quality and value to homeowners across Phoenix area.

Phoenix Home Builders is a fully bonded, insured, and licensed home construction company that is up to date on state and local building codes and environmental regulations. In fact, the homebuilder ensures that each and every home it builds is fitted with Energy Star certified appliances and fixtures to ensure high energy efficiency.

The Phoenix-based construction firm is dedicated to delivering custom new homes or remodeling works on budget and on time. On the overall, Phoenix Home Builders offers several advantages, including green building technology, exceptional attention to detail, free consultation, and constant collaboration and communication with clients throughout the building process.

Services Offered by Phoenix Home Builders

Phoenix Home Builders offers full home building and renovation services that include:

Building New Custom Homes in Flourishing Neighborhoods

When it comes to home building, Phoenix Home Builders is your go-to company. With highly skilled and exceptionally experienced artisans, the company can help homeowners realize the American Dream of owning a home. You can count on Phoenix Home Builders for site evaluation & preparation; the foundation works, framing, finish carpentry, window and door installation, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installation.

The company’s design-build service makes the homebuilding process streamlined, right from the outset through final finishing touches. Whether you need a winter home, a retirement place or beautiful country acre home, Phoenix Home Builders will deliver quality, energy-efficient home nestled in a safe and vibrant location.


Phoenix Home Builders help homeowners create more functional living spaces and add value to their houses. From adding a family room to upgrading the kitchen, you can count on Phoenix Home Builders to do a bang-up job. The company provides homeowners with several levels of remodeling – room addition, holistic remodels, and kitchen remodels. The homebuilder takes care of everything, from demolition to finishing carpentry.

Pre-Construction Services

There are myriad steps you have to take before you begin constructing a home. Phoenix Home Builders undertake the following pre-construction services:

Turnkey Designing: The Company will design your homes to identify the floor plans, materials required, the budget needed, and the type of craftsmen to hire.

Lot Purchase: Phoenix Home Builders takes care all the nitty-gritty of purchasing the lot on which to build your home.

Permit Acquisition: the homebuilder has an in-house team that helps customers get permits required before commencing construction.

Budgeting: dealing with all the cost involved with homebuilding can be quite stressful. Phoenix Home Builders can help you with all the heavy lifting.

Financing: the company will help prequalify you for a mortgage. From negotiating with local lenders to going through the fine print, Phoenix Home Builders got you covered.

What Sets Phoenix Home Builders Apart?

Passion for Quality

Phoenix Home Builders has established itself as a company that delivers each and every time. Everyone at the company has a passion for what they do.

Customer Comfort

The company has an in-house team ready to work with customers to ensure that they are satisfied. From getting the home design just right to financing, Phoenix Home Builders is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency

Each home built by Phoenix Home Builders is not only of top quality but also energy efficient.

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