KB Home is a home construction company based in Los Angeles, California. It was established in 1957 as Kaufman & Broad by Eli Broad and Donald Bruce Kaufman.

The company builds your dream home to the highest standards. They use high-quality building materials and leverage the latest construction techniques with an array of inspections and checkpoints to deliver homes you can rely on. The company is also known for incredible customer experience.

KB Home homes are geared towards first-time homeowners. As of this date, the company has built more than 550,000 homes in several states, including Texas, Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia to a few.

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KB Home: The History

As aforementioned, Donald Bruce Kaufman and Eli Broad founded KB Home as Kaufman & Broad in 1957. It was initially established to build new homes for veterans returning from the Korean War.

It was originally based in Detroit, Michigan, before extending to Arizona in 1962. In 1986, the company completed its IPO and got listed on New York Stock Exchange as Kaufman and Broad Home Corporation. In fact, KB Home was the first firm to be listed on NYSE as a homebuilder.

Besides, the KB Home prides itself on being a Fortune 500 Company between 2000 and 2008.

It shortened its name in 2001 to KB Home. In the subsequent years, the company has managed to acquire an array of home construction and related firms periodically. These major acquisitions include:

  • Opnel Jenkins, the homebuilder, based in New Mexico in 1995
  • Rayco Homes of San Antonio, Texas, in 1996
  • Upland and Colony Homes, the homebuilders found in California in 2003
  • KB Home sold its France division in 2007

Jeffrey T. Mezger has been the CEO of KB Home since 2006 after taking over from Bruce Karatz. Did you know KB Home is the builder of the famous real-life replica of the cartoon The Simpsons house? It has also partnered with high-profile talk shows such as the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Martha Stewart, and Disney.

What Sets KB Home Apart?

KB Home offers a turnkey home-building solution to see to it that customers get their dream homes. However, KB Home construction culture and strategy is distinguished by the following:

KB Build Built to Order™

The allure behind the ground-breaking Built to Order process by KB Home is that it takes the hassle out of buying a great home. In this process, the homebuilder must reach at least one quality milestone before proceeding to the next step of construction. It is an incredible way to ensure that the home is built to the highest standards. It simply closes all the loopholes associated with the home-building process.

Uses Only Trusted Brands

You can count on KB Home to deliver top-notch homes because they work with an array of only trusted partners to supply construction materials and components. This way, customers can get homes they can take great pride in.

Amazing Architecture

KB Home boasts an in-house team of renowned home designers and architects committed to delivering homes that are elegant, innovative, and spacious. They leverage over five decades of expertise and continuous customer feedback to create homes that’ll simply knock your socks off. True to their vision, KB Home deliver tailored homes with snazzy kitchens, stylish & roomy master suites, walk-in closets, and so much more. It’s only this way that customers can own high-quality homes without breaking the bank.

Awards and Accreditation

BBB Accredited with A+ Standing

ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year– 6-years-in-a-row winner for Sustained Excellence Award

Calvert Investments’ Green Builder – Ranked #1 in 2010

Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Builder – Winner 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2011

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