Headquartered in Arlington, Texas, DR Horton Homes is the US largest home construction company by the volume of closings per year. The company has closed more than a whopping 600,000 homes since Donald R. Horton founded it in 1974. DR Horton is America’s number #1 home builder for a reason – it has consistently delivered top-notch new homes for buyers across several states in the US.

In its 35-year history in the trade, the company has demonstrated exceptional dedication to excellence in home construction, with energy-efficient features, fabulous floor plans, and lucrative home warranty. DR Horton Homes draws its inspiration from the philosophy of its founder – Donald R. Horton – of creating value in every step of the home building process.

D.R. Horton Homes operates three home-building branches – the Freedom Homes, the Express Homes, and the Emerald Homes. Express Home brand is geared towards first-time buyers, while the Emerald Home – DR Horton Homes’ largest arm – builds luxury homes for high-end customers.  The recently launched Freedom Homes brand will construct active adult housing communities, with debut developments in Illinois, Florida, Arizona, and Texas. The homebuilder also operates a financial division that provides both mortgage lending and title agency services among other ancillary solutions.

DR Horton Homes portfolio primarily comprises single-family detached homes which account for about 90% of its annual sales as well as townhomes, condos, and multi-family dwellings. It’s an NYSE listed company with the ticker DHI.

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The Brief History of DR Horton Homes

The rise of DR Horton Homes from a small-time developer to US largest home builder is quite fascinating. The company was established in 1974 by Donald R. Horton in Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis. From there, the home builder expanded rapidly to neighboring states of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Oregon, Indiana, and an array of regions in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southwest, and West Coast.

By 2002, DR Horton Homes was closing homes to the tune of 30,000 homes per annum – a no mean feat for any home builder in America. It has consistently remained the biggest home construction company in the US ever since, with 36, 648 homes closed and 37380 houses sold in 2015. In the same years, DR Horton Homes raked in $10.7 billion in revenue.

The company has traditionally built single-family detached homes which accounted for about 91% of its sales in 2013. DR Horton Homes also develops multi-family communities, snazzy condos, and townhomes through its three arms – the Emerald Homes, the Express Homes, and the Freedom Homes.

As you might expect, DR Horton has acquired other homebuilders over the years. It bought the Seattle based Pacific Ridge Homes in April 2015, making an entry into the Pacific Northwest market. In September 2016, the company acquired Wilson Parker Homes for a stunning $90 million.

What Sets DR Horton Homes Apart?

Tellingly, DR Horton Homes is doing something right. Here’s what keeps the homebuilder ahead of the pack:

Unsurpassed Efficiency

DR Horton Homes has in each of the last 15 years or so built more new homes than any home construction company in the US – and with good reason. Its home construction process entails excellent craftsmanship, top-notch materials, and quality assurance every step of the way.

Top-Quality Homes

With more than 35 years of experience, the company delivers homes built and designed with a focus on value and quality. They come with energy-efficient features, livable floor plans, and a robust home warranty.

Outstanding Floor Plans

DR Horton Homes boasts some of the most livable floor plans. They feature a huge variety of layouts, bringing in more space, amenities, and styles.

Awards and Accreditation

BBB Accredited with A+ Standing

Home Builder Magazine – Number #1 Homebuilder for the past 15 years

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