New Home Builders in Phoenix AZ are contending for your business.

New Home Builders in Phoenix AZ are in business to earn a profit. It is highly competitive.

This is where the consumer wins. This need for sales pushes these contractors to extend offers that will turn prospective looky-loos into committed raving fans.

It’s no wonder that people often buy from the same builder when the time comes to get a bigger house or downsize.

🔍 Search Home Builders – All Eras – New & ReSale

There’s a website for every new home builders in Phoenix AZ. There are some clunky websites out there that advertise new homes for many of the builders. This page is different. We display all of the homes currently for sale for each builder that are on the Multiple Listing Service. This means that you can find all the built by Shea Homes. New and previously built.

When you click on the search buttons for a particular builder you will see all of the homes by that builder on the MLS. Maybe you want to live in an established neighborhood like Desert Ridge or McDowell Mountain Ranch. Our search will include those homes even though they may have been built more than a decade ago. Of course, all of the new home builders in Phoenix AZ are on display too.

🏠 Why Build Your New Home in Phoenix?

3 modern type of house you usually see and built by New Home Builders in Phoenix AZEveryone is moving to Phoenix! Why? The new home builders in Phoenix AZ have been making some incredible changes, and new locations have created booming community epicenters in the Phoenix area. Today’s new home builders in Phoenix AZ offer more benefits than they used to. As eco-friendly (e.g Solar panels) and sustainable design has become more popular, builders have created beautiful homes that save homeowners money and build incredible value.

This list of new home builders in Phoenix AZ features hundreds of builders who are customer-rated for quality home construction, energy efficiency, long-term value, and modern amenities. When you look for a new construction home, you are really looking for high-quality construction that will outlast the test of time. In the harsh Arizona weather, new home construction builders have to be more than sufficient at understanding the climate and energy needs of their new homes. As you look for a new construction builder, you should take a look at the gallery, amenities, housing rates, appliances, and features that separate one builder from the next.

New home builders in Phoenix AZ offer more benefits than ever before as a result. Home buyers can expect to find hundreds of new home construction contractors and teams in the Phoenix area, but you should be able to purchase a new home with the following benefits:

1. Design Your Dream Arizona Home Your Way

When you purchase a home, you typically have to settle or remodel what you have purchased. With a new home, you can select your own floors, appliances, cabinets, countertops, paint and more. You can also pick a gorgeous soak bath if you like. New homes reflect the style of their buyers, the new home builders in Phoenix AZ allow you to do so, which means you get to live in a home you truly love.

2. The Floor Plans and Room Layouts That Meet Your Needs

Want to have a master bedroom downstairs? What about massive, custom walk-in closets? new home builders in Phoenix AZ can create high ceilings, French doors, private patio with built-in grill, fireplace, and so much more. New construction homes allow you to do design the dream flow of your home.

3. Your Home is Under Warranty

Used homes rarely come without problems. Tired products and older appliances make for a dreary house. New home builders in Phoenix AZ will provide everything brand-new and under warranty. The costs for replacing appliances, roofs, counter tops, old water heaters, and so forth can really build up with a home that is older. The components of your new home will be hand-selected, and if you did need to replace, you have a warranty to back up your claim. Most, if not all. New home builders in Phoenix AZ warranty your new home. This means more comfort and enjoyment from your new home without the threat of additional investment for replacements.

4. Energy Savings and Reduced Costs

New home builders in Phoenix AZ focus on energy efficiency in homes. When a home is built today, it is even more efficient than homes built just five years ago. With homes built 10 or 20 years ago, everything may need to be replaced or optimized to meet new energy efficient standards. There are new triple-plane windows, special window coatings, and solar water heaters that do not need as much energy as homes used to use before. A 2016 survey by the national Association of Homebuilders also found that 90 percent of respondents listed Energy Star appliances as necessary in their homes.

5. Indoor Air Quality in Your House

Home construction has come a long way since the early 50s and 60s when asbestos was still being used. New home builders in Phoenix AZ have to meet stringent energy standards and codes that were not in place in previous years. These combine high-performance appliances with energy efficiency built in, as well as modern air ventilation and filtration systems. The result is that homes are draft-free and have highly purified air so that indoor air quality is superior. In homes with pets, air quality is extremely important to preventing disease and allergy flare-ups.

6. Low Maintenance – New Means Less Repairs

Computers have helped home architects build incredible homes with unique layouts, features, energy efficiency, and open floor plans. The quality has risen so much in the past 10 years alone that new homes are worth far more than their older counterparts. These cutting-edge buildings require less care and maintenance than older homes as well. The new building systems and housing components are designed to work together. Engineers have created smart homes that automate security and certain functions for more convenience.

7. Community Amenities = Lifestyle, Enjoyment, Fun

New master-planned communities in Arizona offer a lot of amenities to their homeowners. These communities provide a lot of activities, resort-style living, pools, clubhouses, and parks that bring people together and provide comfort. These communities are also built around new schools and shopping for convenience.

8. Advanced Technology and Design for Your New Palace

New home builders in Phoenix AZ feature state-of-the-art technology such as high-performance windows and insulation. Technology like Nest and other smart home features bring everything together in a home so that you have the perfect lighting, temperature, and even scent to come home to. New appliances also let you have the convenience of smart technology. When you purchase a new home, you have the ability to design how your home will feel and look.

9. Safety – Feel More Secure – Enjoy Peace of Mind

Want to ensure that your home is always protected? New home builders in Phoenix AZ construction features state-of-the-art circuit breakers, infrared beam garage doors, and high-efficiency air conditioning systems. Home security has also improved to the point that you can add surveillance, automatic lights, sensors, and police response systems as part of your new home technology. New home builders in Phoenix AZ will also use fewer volatile organic components because cabinets, paints, and carpets are all new. This will help your family breathe easier.

10. New Home Feeling – That New Home Smell

What’s better than living in your own dream? Used homes are always from a different time period, as if you were living in someone else’s dream. You may learn to love the quirks, but what if you could create your own? More people prefer to create the place that they will live for many years to come.

When searching for new home builders in Phoenix AZ, you can look at their reviews, galleries, latest projects, and see prices online. Many home builders that have a website have a lot of features that you can look at so that you can start building your new home and thinking about what you want. So how do you pick the best new home builder?

🤷 Picking the Right New Home Builders in Phoenix AZ

New Home Builders in Phoenix AZ climbing the scafoldingsIf you are in the market for a new construction home, you should shop for a builder carefully and pick a home that has the features you want for the price that you like. Whether you plan to buy a new, contemporary home or a townhouse, custom-built houses offer modern amenities. It is important that you think about the type of home you want and look at many architectural designs before settling on one that will be perfect for years to come. Reputable builders will provide you with different floor plans, cabinets, floors, backyard designs, and layouts, so it is important that you are familiar with some before you choose.

Picking the right builder will depend on a few factors, such as the following: If you want a list of recommended builders in certain areas of Phoenix, contact your local home builders’ association to obtain a list of builders who construct the homes you like. You can use to find these lists for specific neighborhoods and new home communities in the area.

See our list above of new home builders in Phoenix to find one with a website, reviews, and new homes available right now for purchase.

Interview your potential home builder to get the answers to all of the questions you have about new home construction builders. Here are 20 thoughtful questions to ask your builder when building a new house.

Visit a new home builder’s recently built homes and communities to see what you can expect. You can drive by at different times of the day to check on different neighborhoods. You can also talk to current homeowners before purchasing a new construction contract. You should talk to several homes so that you get a good sample of answers. As you talk to more homeowners, you will have a better impression of what to expect from your new home builder.

😍 Your Builder | Your Dream | Your Wants | Your Home

As you start to look at different new home construction builders, you will commonly find the same designs and features, while others will be completely unique. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different photos and features to include in your new home. Home shows and open houses are good opportunities to look at these features and decide what is important. You should also ask the builder to see unfurnished homes to get a real understanding of the quality construction that the home builder puts into the house.

The quality of the home depends on their materials, handy work, floors, trim-work, paint selection, and much more. You should ask as many questions as you can to determine what materials are being used. You can write down any specific information given to research later and provide a reference when you start to build your own home.

No question is insignificant, and a new home builders in Phoenix AZ will be happy to answer questions to make you feel comfortable with the purchase, as it is a great investment that you should feel proud of. Home builders who do not want to answer questions or do not have the right answers should be moved to the bottom of the pile in favor of those who want to work with you and create the perfect dream home.

🏡 Best Home Community in Phoenix

Beautiful houses in Pheonix built by New Home Builders in Phoenix AZThere are several new communities opening up around the Phoenix, Arizona area. These new home community in Phoenix are creating a lot of opportunities for home buyers in the area. The following communities around Phoenix have some of the most values for new homes.

Central Phoenix

Central Phoenix is all the buzz right now. Any open patch of dirt seems to be getting something built on it. Then there’s the “out with the old, & in with the new” movement. Old, homes in need of renovations are being targeted for just that. These homes are getting everything replaced: kitchens, baths, roofs, wiring, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, and everything else. The newly renovated home is super popular among urbanites in Central Phoenix. The established big trees, proximity to work, and awesome neighborhoods make this a top-shelf choice for some. Many of these homes fit the downtown, urban lifestyle suitable for younger families and hip couples.

North Phoenix

East Bell Street to Greenway Parkway to Cave Creek Road. Many of the new homes in this area are being built along the East Greenway Parkway and feature homes by Lookout Mountain Estates, Trellis, and Sunrise Heights. These are typical single-family homes built with incredible views of the Arizona desert.

East Phoenix

East Thomas Road to North 4th Street Areas around Papago Park are quickly popping up as people are moving from downtown to the east side of the city. These areas have more townhouse and condominium communities, but you will find some single-family homes near Indian School Road and East Thomas Road. New schools are also opening up in this area.

South Phoenix

From Southern Avenue to South Mountain Park. South Phoenix has really grown for single home families in the past few years. You will find several new home communities near South Mountain Park, providing amazing views and activities all along the baseline corridor.

South West Phoenix Metropolitan

Verrado, Estrella, and Sedella and other SW Valley communities to consider. New home communities are also being built in this part of the Phoenix metro. Home values are a little lower in this area. Homeowners looking to move here will be amazed at how far their dollars will stretch. The price per square foot for a new home here is substantially lower than similar looking neighborhoods closer to the city core.

🏘 Some Established Core Phoenix Neighborhoods

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Where will you choose to live in Phoenix? While most new home communities are built outside of the city in suburbs, you should know the best parts of the city so that you can live close to the amenities that you will love. From stylish to midcentury homes to lush gardens, choose what’s important to you.

Established popular core Phoenix neighborhoods are favored for good reason. Neighborhoods like Arcadia, Willo, Encanto, and the Camelback Corridor will always be in vogue. Let’s take a closer look at some of these esteemed places to live. Feel free to click on the links to peruse the available properties in each.


Between 1st and 7th avenues, you will find the Willo Historic District. Many of the homes in this area are recent remodels. However, this area is known for its adorable cottages and parks. It is also within the proximity of downtown, making it a nestled community that is within range of everything you love about urban living as well. The architecture ranges from bungalows, tutors, and Spanish Colonial according to the Willo Historic Neighborhood website. Later on down the road some of the Willo district construction consisted of ranch-style homes. Today Willo is a place where homes are well taken care of. The front porch is again in style, as neighbors connect and enjoy friendships in this beautiful community.

Medlock Place

As you drive around Camelback Road and go west of Central Avenue, you will find Medlock Place, a community built by Floyd W. Medlock. He wanted to build a community that was both country and charming. The community revels in Spanish colonial, pueblo revival, and ranch homes, but recent renovations of some of these properties are changing up the landscape of the area as well. Homeowners are loving these stylish homes in this area that still fit in the country charm that Medlock created years ago. If you are on the hunt fopr historic charm with a bit bigger home then Medlock may be the perfect fit for you.

Woodlea Melrose

If you travel down Indian School Road to the Grand Canal, as you head west of Melrose District, you will come upon the quaint and quiet area of Woodlea Melrose. Most of these houses were built in the 1940s and 1950s, however new construction builders have started adding on to this area and creating more beautiful architecture to admire. The mix of homeowners spans all generations. In fact, some of the original homeowners in Woodlea still grace the sidewalks. Be sure to stop and talk. You’d be amazed at some of the stories you might hear about the homes and the charactors who have and do own them.

Windsor Square

Taking a drive down Central Avenue and 7th street, heading to Pasadena Avenue, you will find a new historic district. These streets are lined with Spanish colonial homes, but the biggest reasons that people love this area are the Tudor and Norman style architecture. The community has a lot of new construction as well including contemporary homes near upscale shopping centers. It is well known for having the best boutiques in town as well.

🚗 Moving to Phoenix and Finding a New Construction Home

The new communities in the Phoenix area are beautifully built and have everything that a homeowner is looking for. If you are very active and love picturesque views with mountains, cacti, and desert, then you will love the areas surrounding central Phoenix. As you start to look at new home builders in this area, consider the ones with customer testimonials and visit the neighborhoods to see if you like the layout of the community just as much as the style of the home. When you interview a potential home builder, you will also want to make sure that you know the specific communities that appeal to your interests so you can choose the perfect place to start building a future.

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