Finding a Paradise Valley solar home just got a lot easier. Here, you will be able to peruse all of the available homes in PV with solar panels.

Available Homes with Solar

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If you are still reading it’s probably because you have a soft spot for the planet. Yes, you want to save money on your energy bill, and reducing your carbon footprint has an even higher priority in your home buying decision. Buying a home with a modern solar energy system gives you the best of both worlds.

🌞 Paradise Valley Solar Energy Decision

If you are thinking of installing a residential solar system in your Paradise Valley home, you are making the right decision. Paradise Valley solar homes not only enjoy a higher resale value should you decide to place your house on the market, but they also allow you to save considerably when it comes to electric bills.

Paradise Valley solar homes are also ideal for any individual that wants to live a greener lifestyle for the sale of the environment. Although a residential solar system is quite advantageous for the homeowner, not all homes are viable for solar energy installation and not all solar technology is created the same.

For those looking into adding residential solar energy or if you are interested in replacing an old and outdated system, here is how to find a solar system for your Paradise Valley solar home:

🤔 Determine if You Are Viable First

If you have not installed a system in your Paradise Valley home yet, you must first determine if it will be a good move. The most straightforward way to check if you are viable is by checking Google’s Project Sunroof.

Project Sunroof will notify you how many hours of usable sunlight your home gets per year using 3D modeling that takes note of your Paradise Valley roof, as well as any of the nearby trees.

Since Project Sunroof is only available in specific regions, you can also determine if you qualify by taking a look at your surroundings. Nearby trees and buildings that block the sun could result in a substantial loss of energy output. You should also check if you have enough roof space to accommodate a panel; the average solar panel is approximately 17.6 square feet

If you feel confident that your Paradise Valley home is a great candidate, then you can go ahead and call a professional installer that can help you pick the right system to your home. The size of the solar panel that you pick will be dependent on your average power consumption and the amount of sunlight that your Paradise Valley home will receive. There are various designs and types of residential solar systems.

Solar Energy Systems

  • Off-grid solar power systems: This system is completely disconnected from traditional power and uses batteries and a generator.
  • Grid inter-tied systems: This type is also connected to a traditional electric utility grid, which allows you to balance the system’s production of energy and your home’s power needs.
  • Grid inter-tried systems with battery backup: this system works exactly like a grid inter-tied system but it also comes with battery or generator back up to prevent shortfalls.

Thanks for checking out our Paradise Valley Solar home page. If you would like to explore solar as an option in your current home there are some great solar energy advisors who can “shed light” on the topic.

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