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Grayhawk is a community that presents both beauty and quality. It is located in North Scottsdale, one of the country’s most alluring places to live. Grayhawk Gated Community in Scottsdale features around 3,800 distinct houses yet the neighborhood is interconnected with stunning views of Pinnacle Peak and the McDowell Mountains.


A Community Filled With Amenities

Grayhawk in Scottsdale presents both the familiarity of a fine neighborhood and amenities of a massive master plan. It is an abundant community that allows residents to enjoy a myriad of activities.

  • Basketball Courts

If you want to play some basketball, there’s one located in the Ridgecrest neighborhood of the Park. There are also two half-court basketball courts in the Retreat Village. Although, only residents of Retreat Village can have access to these courts. But Ridgecrest’s full court is available to all Grayhawk residents. These courts are available on a first-come, first served basis.

  • Facility Rentals
  1. Check Room Availability – When you’ve decided which of our rooms best meets your needs, make sure to check them for availability. You may complete this form or contact Jennifer Sheets.
  2. Secure Your Rental – Our rooms can be rented on a first-come-first-served basis. After sending your rental agreement and deposit to a Grayhawk Community Association staff member, your rental is secured.
  3. Rental Times – The rental and time for setup and cleanup is included in the total number of hours booked. Members won’t be able to access the building before their scheduled time. They should also be prepared to leave once their schedule ends. If the rental exceeds the scheduled time by more than 15 minutes, there will be an extra charge for the additional hour.  The rooms available are the Raptor Room and Talon Room.


  • Amenities in Retreat Village

Grayhawk may not have one huge pool or clubhouse. However, there are plenty of neighborhood pools and tennis courts in the Retreat Village. The amenities are evaluated per neighborhood and savored by residents of the specific communities.

  • Tot Lots

Grayhawk also has six tot lot areas which are available to all residents. All tot lots are age specific and can be found in the Park. You can find more information below:

  1. Monterey: For eight years old and above, found at Corner of 73rd Way and Whistling Wind Way
  2. Ridgecrest: Available for all ages, found on the corner of Overlook Drive and 72nd Place
  3. Featherwind: Available for all ages with two sets of equipment. This is located at the corner of Rustling Pass and 74th Way
  4. Windsong: Available for Toddlers and is located at 76th Way between Journey Lane and Wingtip Way
  5. Coventry at Grayhawk: This is offered to kids aged 5-8 years old. It is located on Tailspin Lane between 75th Street and 75th Way.
  6. Coventry at the Park: Available for all ages and can be found on North of Tailspin Lane and East of 76th Way.
  7. Pinnacle: This is gated and is only available to Pinnacle residents. It is located at Rose Garden Lane and 74th Place.
  • Trail System

Grayhawk proves to be sensitive to its surrounding environment as it acclaims the stirring natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Residents can have the option to take delight in the splendor of the environment. You will definitely meet plenty of good neighbors as you walk through every mile of this community. Click here to view a trail map.


A Community Filled With Programs and Events

Grayhawk has monthly activities and events which cater to all age groups and lifestyle. The activities are constantly evolving every month to fill the needs of the dynamic community. If you’re interested in sponsoring or partnering an event or have a proposal for a future event, do let us know.


A Community With ABDI Gate Access

Grayhawk Gated Community in Scottsdale has two main gates which are manned 24/7. They also have five residents-only (unmanned) gates. These gates provide access control for both the Talon and Raptor Retreat.

The primary purpose of the two main entry gates is to admit vendors and guests whose entries are arranged by Grayhawk’s residents.

Grayhawk in Scottsdale also ensured that the access control process is easier for residents with the implementation of the ABDI gate access system. This allows residents with internet access to maintain some of their records and personal guest list. Residents can also have the option of calling the gatehouse and notify them for future guests or vendors.

  • ABDI System

The ABDI system can be accessed either through www.gateaccess.net or the Gate Access application. All you need is your ABDI username and password to log-in. You may request your credentials and change them once you’ve logged in for the first time. After changing your username and password, the GCA office will no longer have access to that new information. Also, please make sure to keep the information in a safe place.


A Community The Keeps Beauty and Efficiency On Top Of The List

Successful governance helps maintain Grayhawk’s beautiful community which you chose to create a home in. Grayhawk has general guidelines that are intended to provide a brief explanation of common issues and questions from our members, tenants, or guests. These guidelines will be replacing the government documents which were given to you when you purchased your home.

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