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Greetings! Welcome To DC Ranch Community in Scottsdale!

DC Ranch holds is the only community that holds the beauty of the desert. This has been possible through the partnership that the community developed with the Marley-Corrigan Family. Half of the community are pieces of land that’s protected for future generations.

DC Ranch gated community in Scottsdale that’s diverse. It’s designed to be never static or predictable, with spaces that are open. All in all, the DC Ranch in Scottsdale gives you the sense of living with the desert.


A Community With Amenities That Gives Everyone The Unexpected


DC Ranch has a country club of the best caliber and full of amenities. The country club has one of the best golf courses that everyone can enjoy. They give you a welcoming, warm, and genuine feeling inside with their premier golf courses. You can invite friends and family for you to come together and enjoy celebrations in a distinctive setting.

The country club includes a classic golf course that’s been redesigned by John Fought and Tom Lehman. They pride in being able to provide you with a wide array of activities. They have six tennis courts, where you can hold tournaments or simply play with your buddies. A fitness center is also within the country club, where you can exercise as much as you want. Plus, they have exceptional dining venues where you can hold different social events.

The DC Ranch Country Club is located at the center of Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s easily accessed from other amenities such as world-class entertainment, high-end shopping, and of course, the luxurious real estate.


A Community That Creates Harmony Between Its Dwellers and The Desert


DC Ranch has always made sure that they take good care of the environment, especially of the desert. To do this, they have designed their streets according to the lands’ contours. They also make sure that the DC Ranch requires little to no water with the technique called ‘Xeriscaping.’


A Community Full Of Fun and Activities


You can also create unforgettable memories at DC Ranch gated community. Your family and friends would surely enjoy their birthdays, anniversaries, or even a simple get together while staying in this community. If that’s not enough, you can enjoy annual activities that let every resident gather and enjoy each other’s presence. You and your loved ones can participate in the following annual events:

  • Holiday Tree Lighting

It’s safe to say that one of the events that people look forward too is Christmas. If you’re a big fan of this holiday, you’ll surely enjoy the lighting of the festive tree on Market Street. You won’t need to go far for your Christmas shopping as merchants open shops. If you’re tired from all your shopping, you can sit down, sip some hot cocoa and munch some cookies. While doing this, you can enjoy a performance from local dance groups and schools.

  • Spooky Carnival

Who says that Halloween is just for kids? In DC Ranch in Scottsdale, one night every year, kids and kids at heart can enjoy the spooky holiday. Every member of the family can dress up and enjoy the Halloween-themed carnival. Your kids can go trick-or-treating and fill up their bags with candies and prizes.

  • Eggstravaganza

If you’re a fan of Easter Egg Hunts, then you should get your baskets ready! Kids can enjoy different lawn games and spring activities with the traditional egg hunt. Plus, they’ll enjoy a visit from a white bunny rabbit.

  • DC Ranch Day

You can celebrate the heritage of DC Ranch in Scottsdale during DC Ranch Day. Enjoy the community-wide BBQ, meet your neighbors and bond with them. Play horseshoes and learn to lasso with them while filling up your bellies with drinks from the delectable root beer float bar.


A Community That Prioritizes Your Fitness


You can always get involved and social in DC Ranch gated community in Scottsdale. DC Ranch is full of activities that can get your moving, whether you’re young or old. Get up and take advantage of these activities:





  • DC Ranch Men’s Club
  • DC Ranch Women’s Club
  • Grapenuts Wine Club
  • Spotlight Speaker Series
  • Food Truck Nights
  • Creative Arts Workshops
  • Passport to Art
  • Duplicate Bridge
  • Social Bridge


  • Get fit. Stay fit. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • Recreational Swim Team
  • Tween Nights: ages 8-12
  • Little Wranglers: ages 4-7
  • TGIF Fun Nights for Kids
  • Kids Corral

Fitness Classes:

  • Shallow Water Exercise
  • Body Tone
  • Yoga Basics
  • All Levels Yoga



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