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Phoenix Gated Communities and Homes

When we hear of gated communities in Phoenix AZ, we always assume a place for the rich. However, in reality, with a little discretionary income, one can afford to find a home in a gated community. We also have pages for gated home communities in Scottsdale, Tempe gated homes with pools, and Paradise Valley gated communities; so check those out. There are a lot of benefits that come with living in gated community homes. Aside from the fact that the societies are exclusive, you also get to be neighbors with elites. But that is not all there is to gated communities. The following, are the lots of other pros that come with living in a gated community home in Phoenix.

Security and Privacy

One of the significant benefits of being able to live in a gated community is that there is an increased sense of protection attached to it. In gated communities in Phoenix, one would be hedged by a perimeter fence, a gate operated by well-trained security personnel who do not allow just anybody to enter the city. You are also likely to have CCTV cameras monitoring movement around the community 24/7. CCTV footage is especially useful for families with children because children tend to wander off often. CCTV cameras can keep an eye of the children when they wander off. All these, help to build a feeling of privacy and security when living in a gated community.

Peace and Tranquillity

Gated communities in Phoenix have you surrounded by a perimeter fence with your house as far off the major road as is possible. With this, it is impossible to be woken up in the middle of the night by the noise from a passing metro or have your siesta disturbed by the buzz of rush hour traffic. In a gated community you get to experience quiet nights where you can get some rest after a busy day.

A Sense of Communal Living

In gated communities in Phoenix AZ, it is easier to know who your neighbors are because most of the time you go to the same hair stylist as them or your kids go to the same school as theirs. Apart from these, they would also form a neighborhood association to discuss the affairs of the gated community. All these would build a sense of community in people living in gated communities, as they gradually begin to see the neighbors as friends and family after socializing for a while.

Accessible Facilities

Gated communities in Phoenix have their special amenities such as basketball courts or swimming pools. They have playgrounds, picnic sites, grocery stores and laundromats. One does not have to beat crowds to use these amenities. Many gated communities set up these amenities so that their residents would not have to go far in the quest for essential amenities.

Spotless Surroundings

When you live in a gated communities in Phoenix, you always breathe clean air because most of the gated communities are planned in such a way that vehicles cannot access them except cars of homeowners and delivery vans. This means that the air you breath is more free of pollutants from motor vehicles unlike when you live in non-gated surroundings where your nose become a regular victim of pollution caused by emissions from cars, trains etc. Also, some gated communities are planned to have gardens with trees and shrubs; green leaves help to get rid of carbon dioxide in the air, making it cleaner to breathe.

Better Home Value

Your home is more valuable when situated in Phoenix gated communities, you get to raise your kids in a friendly safe neighborhood, there is access to good schools, and other social amenities. Even if you later decide to sell your gated neighborhood home, it is easy to find a buyer, and if your community is located in a developed zone, you can easily make a lot of money by selling.
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