Postino Arcadia is a must when visiting Phoenix, you simply have to stop by Postino Arcadia before you leave. The atmosphere is perfect and the meal options available are great whether you want to keep it light or prefer a full course meal complete with the best dessert in town.

: 3939 E Campbell Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA
: +1 602-852-3939
: Official Website

📜 The Resto History

PostinoPostino Arcadia was opened back since 2001 and was housed in a historic renovated Post Office Building.

The 40th street and Campbell neighborhood had not yet earned it’s current name of Arcadia Lite. At that time the area lacked the vibe it needed.

The location was desirable, but sorely needed something magnetic to pull the people in and gain the interest of investors and developers.

The Arcadian restaurant scene was not as vibrant as it is today and Postino was one of the very first wine cafés to open in the Valley back then.

Despite the many years that Postino has remained in business, this popular neighborhood joint is still as authentic as when it was when first opened and in fact, the quality of food served here has not changed by either.

Today Postino Arcadia seems to be the center of the valley when you pull up to park. It’s busy, the vibe is good, and it’s a fabulous place to meet for wine, food, and good times with friends.

If you are contemplating a home purchase in the Arcadia area, you will likely find yourself frequenting this famous local hangout. It is a sister property to La Grande Orange, the eclectic grocery market across the parking lot.

🥗 Known for Its Native Ingredients

Postino has always had a clear agenda- to offer unique wines paired with food that has been made with simple and local ingredients in a warm and edgy environment. You can have a family dinner just as easily as you can catch up with your colleagues or friends.

🛋️ With Their Relaxing Desired Interior

The interior of this trendy wine bar is comfortable and relaxing. The space is drenched in candlelight, dark wood tables and chairs, and earthy tones and colors. Postino has its mid-century décor style it’s tied together by the different artisanal touches that can be observed all through, and a hand carved wooden wall that stores all the wines.

Also, the inside of the restaurant has a-hard-to-miss glass garage door, which is reminiscent of the original post office building so that they could maintain the memories significance of its part. The garage door separates the interior and the exterior in a very cool way.

📑 Serving Healthy Rustic Menu

Postino Arcadia features an array of low fat and healthy meals is featured. The menu is rustic and flavorful defined by menu items such as salads, antipasti, bruschetta, appetizers, and Paninis. The breadboard in that is made up of 4 different types of bruschetta is one of the most frequently ordered things on the menu.

Customers choose 4 out of 12 types of bread to be included on the breadboard before each one is flavored and sliced into 4 pieces so that communal eating can be made easy. The ingredients used are fresh and locally sourced so every bite of bruschetta is akin to an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

🚶 Happy Hour To Eat In Postino

It is true that the brunch at Postino has also become quite the weekly event for locals. You can choose from the special brunch menu that has items such as Italian ham, sunny side up eggs and ciabatta French toast. Sunday Brunch also has specially priced beverages including $5 dollar mimosas, pitchers of beer, bellinis, French press coffee and cucumber honey lemonade that only Postino Arcadia offers certainly.

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