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Buck & Rider
A: 4225 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018
P: 1-602-346-0110
The atmosphere at Buck & Rider is an upscale and very on trend spot at the heart of Arcadia. However, it is the great cuisine that keeps people coming back over and over again. It’s situated at 4225 E Camelback Road is a short walk down the road from the Scottsdale Fashion Center. Buck & Rider was established as part of the La Grande Orange umbrella. It is known all over Scottsdale for its raw bar and Sushi Sundays.

🌊 Fresh Seafood in the Desert

🦐 Casual Seafood

This casual seafood restaurant has been serving local residents an assortment of seafood that is of the highest quality and variety since it was established in the fall of 2015. The place is so ocean-centric that the original design for the restaurant was inspired by Australian boathouse. The Buck & Rider has a patio facing the northeast side of the read which offers the people dining outdoors excellent vistas of the Camelback Mountain.

🦀 Feelin Crabby?

Buck & Rider Stone Crab Claw – pic by Yelper Travis T

Indoors, the centerpiece of the restaurant is the Abby’s Oyster Bar where seemingly countless amounts of seafood consisting of crabs, oysters, and lobsters await their shucking fate.

The interior also features a raw bar menu that is separate from Abby’s whose menu changes on a daily basis.

Regardless of which bar you choose to sample your meals from, you can be sure that everything served is of the freshest and highest quality.

✈️ Flown in Daily

All the seafood used that is not available in Phoenix is flown in every morning and is used to completion on the same day. Buck & Rider is so serious about the freshness of the seafood that is served that there is no freezer inside.

Buck and Rider Sprouts dish – pic by Yelper Ann G

On offer is a selection of seasonal raw oysters, which are quite popular with regular patrons.
If you have never sampled raw oysters before, you should consider stopping by at Buck & Rider as they have all options ready that range from mild oysters to extra salty ones to accommodate an inexperienced customer. All the oysters are shucked and served over ice alongside a side option of cocktail sauce, hot sauce or horseradish.
The Buck & Rider oyster plate is the most popular offering on the menu as it is a perfect fusion of salty and sweet.

The Mer Blue is also just as good and can suit a newbie. For anyone that is not quite ready to experience the raw oysters, the Buck & Rider signature dish which consists of a creamy mixture of crabmeat, potatoes, and served with watermelon radish would make an excellent alternative. The Buck & Rider also serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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