I’ve got nine reasons why I’m living in Phoenix. Maybe you need to hear this? Are you living in the freezing cold? Is all of your money goinjg to your California Landlord? Then, this video may be just what the doctor ordered. WARNING: you may be moving to Phoenix after watching this. Just sayin…

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🛣️ Nine Reasons Why Living in Phoenix is a Muy Bueno


Now back to why living in Phoenix is mostly bueno and nine reasons why coming in at number one is friendly. The people here are friendly. I don’t know if it’s the sunshine. I dunno if it’s the restaurants. It just is. So numero UNO is friendliness.


Hey! we all know what’s hot, but while other people are shoveling snow, we’re here in short sleeves and shorts and join the weather year-round. In particular, when it’s hot, go swimming, go hiking or go golfing. I truly do all that stuff and I enjoy that stuff in the summer just as much as I do in the winter and that’s because I am living in Phoenix. So, climate is indeed the absolute number two coming in at number three is exercise.


You can be outside, enjoy your exercise activities outside all the time. You don’t have to be in a gymnasium all the time just to get a little exercise, so go hiking. As I mentioned before, you can go golfing, play tennis and go swimming. Then all these things can be done year-round. Living in Phoenix, coming in at number four is outdoor dining.


Now I know the operative word here is outdoors again, but it’s a big deal. You’re certainly not cooped up here in Phoenix, not all socked in with clouds and rain all the time. Of course, you can be outside cooking. I cook 80% of our meals outside. We eat outside a lot too. We enjoy our morning coffee on the patio, so absolutely being in the outdoors to enjoy your dining experience is a big deal when living in Phoenix.

Golf Course

If you like to golf, Phoenix is the place for you. We’ve got over 250 golf courses here in the Phoenix metropolitan and I enjoy a lot of them. I just log into golf now. I find the best deal and meet a friend or two there and have a great time golfing in Phoenix. You’ll never run out of golf courses. So, living in Phoenix, you’ll always have place to go. Hit the little white ball coming in at number six or all the metropolitan cities.


Here in greater Phoenix, we have about 30 cities and towns that you can choose to live in. You can live in the East Valley, in Gilbert and Chandler, in Mesa or in Tempe. Living in Phoenix you can choose in central Phoenix or North Phoenix. Live in Surprise in the West Valley, Northwest Valley. You can live in Glendale, you can live out in Avondale and Goodyear are so many options to choose from somebody. Price ranges to choose from. There’s just a lot for every budget here in the metropolitan Phoenix coming in at number seven is the cactus league.

Cactus League

If you enjoy baseball, we’ve got 10 stadiums for spring trading here in the Valley. You can attend baseball games ultra cheap at each of these stadiums. This year I plan to go see at least one game at every single one of those stadiums and I can’t wait. Coming in at number eight is the Phoenix freeway system.

Freeway System

If you’ve ever lived in Southern California, you know what it’s like to live in bumper to bumper traffic all the time. Well, not in living in Phoenix. Our freeway system is the best and they are so clean. You could eat off the streets if you need to get from Southern portion of the Valley up to the Northern portion of the Valley. There’s more than one way to do it and you can do it quickly and coming in at number nine are places to eat.

Places to Eat

Now, do you like Mexican food? Fair like I do. Do you like it hot? Oh yeah. If you like it, we’ve got it. We’ve got all kinds of established restaurants, new restaurants. Phoenix has fast become a big town for foodies. If you like food, you’re going to love this town.

Hey, I hope you’ve enjoyed my video and why living in Phoenix is so great, and if you haven’t been here, I invite you. So that, you must come to Phoenix, check it out. With this in mind, I think you’re going to love it and just in case you do, love it down below, I’ve got a link to my moving kit. It’s designed to save you thousands when you move to Phoenix. So click on that, check it out, and I’ll look forward to seeing you when you come to Phoenix. In the meantime, thanks for watching this video. I’m Phoenix real estate agent, John Cunningham with exp Realty. Until next time!


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