Whether you are somebody who socializes or an introvert, being used to your next door to know your neighbor allows you feel at home all the time. One of our toughest worries when moving into a new home is accepting that we are going to leave friends and neighbors behind. To know your neighbors you have to be courageous, however, If you are not, these tips may help you stumble into a chat with your neighbors in your new community;

✊ 1) Knock knock

A group of people visiting others house to know your neighbor

This method of building a new relationship to know your neighbor works well for those who are extroverts.

However, introvert or reserved persons find it difficult creating new relationships using this method.

Establishing new relationships with them requires a bit of warm up.

You can start with a friendly wave as you drive through the neighborhood.

Also, you can walk up to them and do the face-face introduction.

The best time for this is also trapping them when they are outside or in the afternoon when they are more relaxed and opened for a brief friendly chat.

📧 2) Snail mail

Sometimes it can be embarrassing to knock the door and dash into your neighbor’s house to introduce yourself.

In this era of electronic communication, it is preferable to surprise your neighbors by writing a short friendly note.

Introduce yourself in the note and ask them over for a drink, coffee or cocktail at their convenience and check out this cool place to spend your time with your new neighbor.

Personalize each note by starting with a friendly conversation and make sure you drop the note in their mailboxes.

🚌 3) Magic school bus

A happy couple visiting the beautiful lady to know your neighborIf you have children who are of school age, always accompany them to the bus stop for the first few weeks.

This will increase the chances of meeting other parents in your neighborhood.

Most parents often excited to talk about their kids, be friendly to share your own experiences.

Exchange contact information and befriend them. Invite their families over for a dinner or weekend fun.

🐶 4) Man’s best friend

Generally, pets like dogs are very friendly.

Try to find out if there are vets and parks or areas where pets meet in your neighborhood.

Visit these areas with your dog, it will allow you to meet and converse with pet lovers.

You can also do a walk through the neighborhood with your dog.

📖 5) Turn the page

Go online and find out if your neighborhood has libraries or book clubs or check out libraries in Phoenix Arizona

By visiting these places to read also helps you to socialize with others.

Try to share a few insights about the book you have read with the host.

This may provide you the opportunity to present to others in the future.

🏋️‍♂️ 6) Visit gyms

Search and register in a gym in your neighborhood.

Politely approach gym members and ask If you can join them.

Introduce yourself to them and be bold to start a conversation.

You can also ask questions that will trigger a discussion.

After some weeks, invite them over for a drink, coffee or cocktail.

🍸 7) Attend social gatherings to know your neighbor

A happy families standing outside their door to know your neighborOnce you have acquainted yourself with most of your neighbors, invite them over for a meal or cocktail.

Launch together with them will allow you to know them better.

Note that through them you can also know other members in your neighborhood.

If you’re a Christian, make sure you attend church services.

Attending and participating in the church in your neighborhood will enable you to know most of your neighbors.