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Let’s face it; cigarette smoke odor can be a real turn off. It smells repugnant and nasty. Then, when it gets on you, it takes a long time to get rid of the smell. If you have been lighting up indoors, the pungent smell of cigarette smoke may be all over the surfaces of your house. It includes the carpets and furniture to your garage and walls.

Smoke particles are extremely resilient and can easily travel through your home’s ventilation system. Smoke particles are smaller than the width of human hair, which implies that they do penetrate those surfaces. So de-stinking your entire house will require a little more than just opening up your windows or using air fresheners and sprays.

To truly get rid of cigarette smoke from your apartment, you have to get to the root of the problem. Typically, for complete eradication to occur, you have to rely on various techniques and methods to clear out the overpowering smell. Here is how to get rid of cigarette smoke order:

1⃣ Ensure that all your windows are open

The first step often involves opening up the windows or any other openings in the house for proper ventilation. Although it will not get rid of the smell completely, it will help to pull out the stale air so that you can begin focusing on deep cleaning. This simple step alone can help catapult the process of swapping out those gnarly odors with pleasant fragrances.

If you are working on getting your home ready to sell then odor is just as important as curb appeal in the home selling business.


2⃣ Clean Cigarette Smoke Odor From Your Fabrics

Cigarette smoke lingers long after the smoking has finished. As such, to get rid of the smell, you will also have to clean your fabrics. While it may not be practical to remove all the fabrics for washing, fabrics such as bedding and curtains can be cleaned easily in a washing machine. Bulkier items such as duvets can be given to a professional cleaner while upholstery can be wiped using vinegar, baking soda, or steam to eradicate the odor.

3⃣ Wipe the Walls Down

The hard surfaces of your house should be wiped using a mild soap or any other cleaning products that you prefer and rinsed completely. Remember to also wipe the surfaces of your cabinets and drawers as the cigarette smoke odor particles may have lodged themselves on those surfaces.

4⃣ Use a dry chemical sponge

A dry chemical sponge, also known as a soot sponge is the ideal tool that you should use to eliminate smoke particles from tiles, lampshades or any other materials that should not come in contact with water.

5⃣ Repaint Your Painted Surfaces

Covering your walls with a fresh coat of paint can be just what you need to breathe fresh air into your surroundings. Not only will the paint trap the smell, but it will give you a new shiny exterior that you can be proud of. While painting your walls may not be as important as keeping your roof maintained it certainly is one of the visual improvements that will impact would-be buyers that walk through your home if you are preparing to sell your house.

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