Buying a Home with Room to Install an Inground Pool may be the best options for you if you are in the hunt for a home that has a pool.

Buying a Home with Room to install an in-ground pool

Install an Inground Pool

Buying a Phoenix home with a pool is smart. Often times buying a home with room to install an inground pool is even smarter. Here’s why. Finding the right home in the right neighborhood with all the right bells and whistles can be daunting. Something’s gotta give. But why compromise? You shouldn’t, really. There’s no need to. In fact, it is often beneficial to buy that home that has 98% of your wants list checked off with just a few things to tidy up or add.

Why Build Your Pool From Scratch

Designing your own inground pool is a lot like selecting your own interior decor. When you imagine your backyard oasis the pool is a great place to start. It should be the star of the show, yet compliment the homes architecture. Buying a Home with Room to Install an Inground Pool The centerpiece. By working with a pool designer you can count on having your vision perfected. Your backyard dream-pool will come to life.

On top of all that when you install an inground pool that you have helped design you will not have to settle for second best. Instead, you will select the finishes. The interior plaster, pebble-tech, and/or time.

You decide what kind of decking goes around your swimming pool: cool deck, bricks, concrete, stone, etc. In other words, your version of the best backyard pool will be conceived for you and your family to enjoy for a lifetime.

Get Everyone Involved

This can be a really fun way to give everyone some skin in the game. Even your little ones. Take a poster board and tape it up on a wall that everyone can see from your family room. Gather all family members around. Young and old. Now tell them that you want their input.

Tell them that the idea is to write down all of the ideas on paper. Everything from the shape to finishes, to slides, diving boards, water features, depth, pool toys, etc, etc. Write it all down until all of the ideas are out on the table. For ideas on pool shapes and features visit pool designer’s websites and view their inground pool galleries.

Ask everyone to allow their siblings to have their turns. Then send the results to the decision-making committee; aka the parents. From here you can take the input and decide what to include in the final list that you share with your pool designer.

More Benefits When You Install an Inground Pool

Knowing that there is a warranty and that the pool is brand new eliminates a ton of concerns that go with buying a home with an older pool. The peace of mind that comes with the territory is, alone, worth the investment of starting from scratch. Add that to the pleasure of looking at a pool that you helped design and the top benefit of building your pool pops to the surface. The obvious winner is the homebuyer who is buying a home with room to install an inground pool. 

Importance of Maintenance after you install an inground pool.

A well-maintained pool can last for decades without needing to have the surface refinished. A pool that is neglected can live a short life. Foregoing weekly cleaning can shorten the life-span of any pool by years. As I write this I think about my own pool.

We did a major overhaul on it 17 years ago. New plaster and all new equipment.  Today the white plaster still looks near new. The main reason is the cleaning. We have our pool cleaned professionally twice per week during the seven month swimming season (April – October).

That simple and inexpensive investment has extended the life of that pool big time. Sure, we have had to replace a filter and rebuild a pump. That kind of thing is to be expected. The point here is that taking care of your pool is the secret to having it looking good for decades to come.

Homes with Big Lots with no Pools in Greater Phoenix

The homes below are in Maricopa or Pinal counties. These properties are on 1/4 acre or more. All of these homes are without a pool. There’s plenty of room to add one.