Another family feud over inheritance rights takes the stage. The Griffin estate is valued at over $800 million. That’s a lot of cheddar in anyone’s book. Here, the story goes that 4 Griffin daughters are in court with two of their brothers. It’s all about the money, and who gets it.

Inheritance Rights – Wealthy Family Provides Valuable Lesson

When you think about your family do you imagine grabbing the loot form the estate? Keeping it for yourself. Not sharing. Of course not. Hopefully not. So how is it that things go awry when wealth comes into the picture? Why do so many high profile families end up as tabloid tv subjects? It’s the money. Of course it’s the money.

People will do amazing things to get it. Sometimes even stabbing their brother or sister in the back to have the lion’s share. Sometimes stooping to ridiculous levels of low to get a leg up. All in the name of money.

More Money Equals More Possible Problems

Unfortunately, it does seem that the bigger the estate the more likely there will be contention. When e think about our children innate think about happy futures. No matter how rich or poor we are we want more for our kids. We want to see a better life for them. There’s no need to be at each other’s throats. Lets not be like the Griffin family. They should be doing better than that. We can too.

Protect Your Inheritance Rights – Speak to an Estate Planning Attorney

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