Why do homeowners wait until it’s too late to sell their home?

I’m Phoenix real estate agent John Cunningham with exp Realty and today we’re going to tackle that question. So, why do homeowners wait until it’s too late to sell their home?

🕴️ Why Homeowners Wait

Why do Homeowners Wait Until it is too Late to Sell their Home?

Never Say or Think that It’s Too Late

Number one, I’ve got to say it’s never too late in selling. It doesn’t matter if Sally’s home down the street sold for this much two months ago and we don’t know what the future holds. But we know what the market is fetching right now and there’s always a market in house. If you have been thinking of selling your home and are curious about market conditions in your area. No need to worry about it.

Herd Mentality

Next, is the herd mentality. Sometimes people wanted to wait until it is too late in selling your home for they see everyone else doing it. By the time that rolls around, oftentimes we’re a little bit too late. So timing can be important.


Next, seasonality, there are some communities that see a lot more traffic during the cooler seasons here in Phoenix, Arizona. When people come from out of town to buy a second home. Considering the periodic trends in the real estate market is a decisive step in determining when is the best time to sell home. But, the choice to move is often a private one.

Other than that, here’s a tip for homeowners to avoid in home selling. There’s always a market for everything in every house will sell if it’s marketed properly and you hire the right agent up. It’s more better if you talk with a local real estate professional who can help you decide the best time in selling your home. This is Phoenix real estate agent, John Cunningham with exp Realty. Thanks for watching this video why homeowners wait until it is too late to sell their home.

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