young couple with tools to maintain their home. Ready to work on their Homeowner’s Annual Property Maintenance Checklist

Having a property maintenance checklist is simple and smart. The chaotic world’s errands aside, there’s nothing more gratifying than being a homeowner. It is a rewarding experience as you will always be assured of having a roof over your head and a place where your little ones can call home. More importantly, you will always remain happy that you chose a sound investment.

However, much as you are a happy homeowner, there’s little doubt that you understand the duties and responsibilities this comes with. Keeping the house safe, attractive and in its original pristine condition automatically rests on you. You will have to periodically spend a Sunday on the ladder, pulling leaves that may have clogged the gutter, or adding a new layer of paint on the home’s interior walls.

📋 You need a clear, laid-down Property Maintenance Checklist

For many homeowners, regular house upkeep tasks can feel hectic and overwhelming. Sure, it is draining to stay on top of a strict property maintenance checklist and keep it running for the whole year. But it doesn’t have to be a tiring, arduous procedure.

The New York Times outlines that a typical home naturally operates with the seasons and blooms in spring before hibernating during winter. For most of us who’ve mastered the art of keeping a house looking awesome all-year-round, it’s all about guiding it back to life in spring and hunkering in down when winter beckons.

If you would like to understand how this works, the following is a natural arc all year long house repairs timetable that ensures the house looks glamorous throughout the year.

🤗 Spring Honey-do Checklist

Spring is ordinarily a period to get busy on the backyard patio, gather leaves scattered all over the place. It’s a period when you get rid of all debris that may have covered the tiles and the gutter and replaced any damaged parts of the roof.

Also, part of your home maintenance checklist during spring period is to reseed the lawn and trim the hedges. It is critically important to do a thorough and careful weeding of the plants around the house too, in readiness for the hot summer period.

Your maintenance work should not focus on keeping the outside tidy alone. Do a comprehensive inspection of the house, including climbing up the ceiling and into the basement. If you have an HVAC system, spring is also the right time to give it that mandatory yearly maintenance.

🌞 Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

It’s paramount to acknowledge the fact that summer isn’t ideally an excellent season for any form of home repair and maintenance work. But there are a couple of activities you’ll have to carry out and ensure the house looks stunning in tip-top shape.

Check on those plants and foliage you may have planted during spring as well as their irrigation systems. Indoors, inspect the air-conditioning system and the ceiling fans so that you have a pleasant breeze of cool air.

🍂 Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

As the “Calm before the storm” period, fall should be characterized by tons of home maintenance and repair activities. Winter is usually unforgiving, and that’s why you have to be keen and focused on the dangers that lie ahead when carrying out your fall home maintenance pieces of work.

Check the furnace and the thermostat to ensure they are both working excellently. You might have to find a professional technician if that’s complex for you. Find a plumber too to test the valves and assess the system and help identify areas where pipe waters may freeze. Also, have the chimney cleaned and the gutters, as well as the ceiling, inspected.

❄️ Winter Home Maintenance Checklist

Winter being a cold season with lots of inactivity, the only notable home maintenance job you might do is to keep the house clean and the area near the heater or fireplace buzzing. If you notice anything that’s faulty or amiss, try to inspect further before unleashing your DIY skills.

On the outdoor area, watch out for ice dams (if you live in the cold country), particularly on the roof. If you have a roof rake, don’t hesitate to brave the cold and remove fresh snow every day. Be sure to test the generator too, given the issues around power outages.

If you live in the desert there are still things to keep after even though you don’t have to deal with the snow. Remember, that the seasons bring change. And part of that change includes falling leaves.

Make sure that cleaning your roof off is part of your property maintenance checklist. Cleaning your roof annually will save you lots of hassles and expenses later on down the road.

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