Home inspection tips for buyers. I’ve got some of those for you when we come back.

📓 Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

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🗒️ Tips for Buyers to Take Note

Tip number one is get one. Don’t skip the home inspection process. A lot of times people think, Hey, I know houses, I know how to look at them. I used to be in construction. I don’t need a home inspection, but you know what? Home inspectors have oftentimes looked at thousands of homes. Read this post if you wanna know why the Home Inspection process matters?

They can find trouble where you don’t see trouble with the naked eye, so hire a home inspector, get the report, and then when they’re all done doing that. You can examine the report and decide whether or not you want any other inspections to take place. Like you might want to have an HPAC or an electrician or a plumber come by. If you find things in the general home inspection report. That way when the contractor comes by, you can get pricing to get those repairs done.

Home Inspection Tips for Buyers of Property

Next Thing to know during Home Inspection?

After we’ve gotten all the reports assembled and we have got all the pricing for the repairs, we can submit our buyer’s notice to the seller. Then we do that. We’re going to put in writing the things that you want the seller to repair. Then the seller is going to look at that and they’re going to decide what they want to fix.

If they want to fix it and which things they may or may not want to fix, then you’re going to decide whether or not you liked their response. Now, if they said they’ll fix everything, the inspection period is over and we just move on with the rest of the home buying process. If however, the seller said, I’ll fix some but not all things, all of those things, or I don’t want to fix any of that stuff, then it’s up to you to accept that or not.

A Thing to Love about Home Inspection

Now, one of the things that I love about the home inspection process is it gives us as agents and opportunity to go to bat for you again and sweeten the deal. Here’s what I mean. You’ve agreed to a price, but now you’ve had a home inspection. Maybe your handy, maybe your father or your brother is handy. Maybe somebody who you know is able to fix some of the things that came up on that report.

But we’ve asked the seller to fix those things and maybe they’ve agreed to, or maybe you can give them another option that would be to give you a credit towards your closing costs in lieu of making some of those repairs. It’s a great way to decrease the amount of money that you had to have to come out of pocket with when it’s time to close.

So those are some of the home inspection tips that I have for buyers. If you wanna know
what follows the home inspection results check this out.  Now, don’t forget to sign up for moving kit in the meantime, thanks for watching this video. See ya!


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