The inspection on the home you’re looking to buy is finished. What happens now and what actions should (and shouldn’t) you take? Find out in today’s message.

Home inspection is complete and the report is in. What comes next?

Once the inspection report is in your hands, any major issues that the inspector has identified should be your top concern. Bear in mind that such items as new caulking around the bathtub or tightening door knobs are in no way major.

One thing I always tell my buyers to do is to imagine the situation from the seller’s standpoint. How would you feel if you were them and the buyer was making a dozen repair requests for nickel-and-dime items? It probably wouldn’t sit well with you and negotiations may even go awry. That’s something we want to avoid.

Imagine the situation from the seller’s standpoint.

Your eyes should be drawn to big-ticket items like the roof and its condition, the HVAC unit’s remaining lifespan, and other major mechanical systems. We should be able to all but guarantee that these components have long-term dependability and that we won’t have to invest any money into replacing or fixing them right from the outset or in the next few years.

If there are items that catch our attention, we’ll include them on the buyer’s notice and, subsequently, send them over to the listing agent representing our seller. At this juncture, they’ll examine our request and return three (technically four) possible responses:

  1. Agree to fix all items
  2. Refuse to fix any items
  3. Agree to fix some requested items
  4. Refuse to make repairs but agree to give money toward closing costs or a reduced price

The negotiation process that began with the original offer and counter-offers will finally draw to its conclusion once the inspection items are agreed on.

If you have any further questions about the home inspection or about Phoenix real estate in general, please let me know. I’d be happy to speak with you about your real estate goals!

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