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Home Design Trends Create Charming Abode

When blistering hot interior home design trends are selling like hot cakes, everyone often jostles to have a piece. But when their fame and glamor suddenly die, we all drop them like a hot potato. Then we immediately start looking for the next hot home design trend. It doesn’t seem to matter if we are scouting properties for sale in Biltmore, Arcadia Lite, or pool homes out in Chandler.

Unfortunately, that’s precisely what white-on-white kitchens and shiplap, two of the dominant trends of the recent past, have had to face.

In the world of interior design, a highly sought-after trend of today can become trash, dull or commonplace piece that no longer appeals to anyone tomorrow. If you think most of these trends that fade overnight are trash, then you are wrong. Not all used-to-be-trendy designs are whacky, especially when you give the following ideas a try.

Built-in Entertainment Niche


If you were old enough to identify 2009’s super-hot home design trends, then Built-in Entertainment Niche won’t appear foreign to you. Back then, no single home was ever complete without media niches built into the walls. You could get virtually all styles in the world, including large ones, crazy others and those that appeared cool and rocked!

This TV wall unit design with a complete built-in entertainment center is still alive and kicking, of course, with a subtle touch of modernity. There’s a lot of different, Built-in Entertainment Niche-inspired ideas for you to choose – Houzz.com and Trendir.com. If you aspire to own a sleek, contemporary living room that would demand no further storage space, a TV wall niche will most definitely be your choice.

There were a ton of homes with niches built inj the 90’s and early 2000’s. Many of the homes built in Gilbert, Surprise, and Tempe are homes constructed in that era.

Travertine floors

We can’t say Travertine floors are among the fading home design trends of 2018, despite the fact that they no longer have a massive following. ‘Travertine’ floors are incredibly durable and lend a rare charm to a home’s inner beauty. They have never been out of fashion given that this flooring choice has been the best choice in construction in Italy for over a century.

However, what makes the popularity of Travertine floorings lose reputation is because it isn’t a good choice for interior décor any longer. It’s being relegated to paving patios, courtyards and garden paths in favor of other softer, more stunning flooring choices.

You could still choose Polished Travertine floors and Brushed Travertine floorings when constructing the floor area of your living room; after all, they are cheaper than marble and granite tiles. Choose your preferred color and tone from the beautiful ones and unleash the DIY ninja in you to install them! 

Inefficient Energy Design

Energy efficient, eco-friendly designs are sweeping across the scene, making us forget our centuries’ old companions – Inefficient Energy Designs. But there’s no problem with a little throwback when designing your lovely abode, after all, we all love vintage!

Start with the roof and use the same old tiles or any other energy-inefficient material. As for all the other parts, do not worry about if you will incorporate new energy-efficiency measures or not. 

Go Solar

Solar energy homes are saving people money and putting fear into the utility companies. If you are wanting to know more about solar you might want to start by talking to someone who knows more than most of the so-called solar experts here in the valley put together. Call Sonny Rick; aka: Sonny the Solar guy at (480) 200-4486.


It is hard to understand why someone can sit down and decide to buy a McMansion like the (in) famous Boone County Indiana Exterior. The whole thing can be nothing but a blatant waste of money and an eyesore.

But since they used to rock a few years back, there’s no harm creating a charming abode off an abandoned one, perhaps. You will get some inspiration from Advocates of the Design Reform movement or even this hyperallergic.com eye-opening post.

Interested in any upgrades?

The best kinds of upgrades for a fading home design trend may include first giving the door a facelift. If you go with the aesthetically incredible Barn Doors because of DIY barn-style sliding door’s huge rap, rest assured your home will look amazing. Wood is a natural charmer and dramatically upgrades the overall look of an ordinary house.

In line with that’s, there’s a need to go bold with a Bold Flooring, especially in the kitchens and baths. A black and white stripe floor is good for the entrance, but the vibrant colors should be reserved for the kitchen. Blue, green and yellow suddenly uplifts the mood and create a form of vibrancy.

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