Fortune Fight. Not a term we think of when we listen to Bob Marley music. There, is, however, great controversy over the Marley estate. Why? where there’s money there’s greed. Bob died believing that he was not mortal. Apparently the Rastafarian faith sees life that way. Bob took this so seriously that he did not die with an estate plan. This caused much drama in the present world.

No Will – Don’t Worry About Fortune Fight

Isn’t it peculiar that Bob’s relatives have fought about money after his death. Allegations of forgery on ownership documents shroud the Marley story. Bob’s wife, Rita, is at the center of the storm. How come? Jamaican law ruled that she is entitled to 10% of the estate. This was due to the fact that there were no sufficient estate planning forms associated with Marley and his belongings.

Common Man Estate Planning Lessons from Afterlife

We may not all be gazillionaires. Maybe not even regular ole millionaires. Still, we can all learn something from Marley’s fortune fight. Don’t fight, be happy. Have a plan. Have an estate plan. Keep your family feeling good even after you move on to the next dimension. No need to leave your loved ones in a bind fighting over dollars and cents. Make your intentions clear.

Hiring an estate planning attorney is a ton cheaper than stepping into court to battle over a dead man’s stuff. Any average guy or gal can benefit from having their financial ducks in a row. The cost is remarkably affordable. Reach out to a good lawyer who specializes in estates, Wills, and estate planning. You won’t regret it. Your estate won’t regret it and your family will thank you for it even when you are not here any more.

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