Exterior painting matters. Homes in extreme climates need it even more frequently than homes in mild year-round weather. Here, we explore the value of keeping your house paint in tip-top shape.

🤑 How to Pump Up Your Home Value with Paint

Does Exterior Painting Increase Your Home's Value_Aside from exterior painting many factors affect the value of your home. Most of them are doable, while some, like the location of your property, are just beyond your control.
If you are planning to put your house on the market soon, you have to do whatever you can to help your property sell for a reasonable price. By keeping up with its repairs and making improvements along the way, your home’s value will undoubtedly increase.

Many homeowners go for kitchen and bathroom remodeling to give the value of their home a boost. However, such improvements cost a pretty penny. They may increase your home’s value by a lot, but with the money, you’ll be spending for the remodels, you really can’t expect much in the way of profit.

If you want to see your home’s value rise without spending a fortune, then you might want to consider repainting your exterior.

🎨 House Painting Tools for Home design

Many homeowners and designers consider paint as one of the most critical tools in home design. This isn’t hard to believe since color helps them transform any given space at a relatively low cost and when you have the most skilled house painters doing your exterior, your home will look like a million dollars, and not just figuratively in the case of some high-end properties.

📈 So How Does Exterior Paint Increase Home Value?

Paint Will Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

paint color deckA home’s exterior paint will be one of the first things a prospective buyer will see. When the exterior of your house is painted in a very appealing color, your home’s curb appeal will skyrocket instantly.
While it’s only one aspect of curb appeal, paint plays a significant role in giving people a good impression of your home. And if interested parties love the color, they would tend to want it more, which would make them willing to pay more for your home.

Of course, the color schemes you choose will be instrumental in raising your home’s appeal and by extension, its value. House exteriors painted yellow, off-white, light blue, and gray have always been pleasing to the eyes, but there are color combinations that merely make the eyes pop. There are incredible-looking homes that use such combinations as ivory, white, and aqua, for instance.

Paint Provides Protection Against Elements

A fresh coat of paint offers more than just added appeal. With the outside of your home being bombarded on a daily basis by the elements, painting it can give your whole house a veritable shield that will protect it from harsh sunlight, strong winds, Phoenix monsoon rains, and even bugs. Paint can also help protect your home from mold and mildew as it does an excellent job of keeping summer moisture from seeping into your home.

🏡 Prolongs Siding Lifespan

Siding made of wood and other traditional materials are meant to be replaced periodically. However, if you repaint them, you will be, in effect, adding a few years to its lifespan. If your siding is in beautiful condition but has blemishes, new paint should be able to cover them up.

By painting the siding, you have for your home, you will end up postponing their replacement for some time, and that means savings of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for you.

🌡 Heating and Cooling Benefits

Protection from the elementsBelieve it or not, painting the exterior of the house can help reduce its energy consumption.
Using white or any light-colored paint on a house, for example, will make it good at reflecting light, allowing it to stay cool during our hot summers. Homes dark in color, on the other hand, will be better at absorbing light, which will effectively make it warmer.

Houses in colder climates should be painted in dark colors, while those in warmer regions should use light colors.

Painting is the easiest and cheapest renovation you can do. It will be even more cost-effective if you do the work yourself. However, if you want the best possible results, there’s nothing like having professionals do it for you. Expert painters from a reputable painting company have probably painted more houses than you have seen in a lifetime. With their painting skills and experience, they will be best-equipped to make sure your home gets the best value out of their work.

🤔 Choose the right Contractor

Hiring a professional painting company can pay off in spades if you get the right contractor. Pick the cheapest bid and you will probably be having some regrets sooner than you’d think. Get the right team to do the job and you can add years to the health of your house. Make absolutely sure that the people who paint your dwelling are committed to doing the prep work properly before they apply the paint.

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