Will Solar Reduce My Carbon Footprint? What is carbon footprint of solar panels? These are the right questions to be asking, Why? If all of the energy sources in the world saved money but caused devastating pollution levels that would be counter-productive. Furthermore, such a path would be both irresponsible and insensitive.

One great way to look at all of this is to imagine the earth as it truly is: a living, breathing organism. She deserves our best. After all she has never given anything less than her best to us.

Now, all that might sound a bit tree-huggy to some. Maybe it is. Maybe I am starting to go that way. One thing’s for sure. That is that all of us rely on the earth’s resources. We are interdependent and in need of the contributions that come from outside of our individual selves.
This is what causes the shift in paradigm and the new approach to how we view our resources. Lets see what Sonny the solar guy has to say about the carbon footprint of solar panels.

🌱 Renewable Energy Versus Conventional Energy Sources

👣 Carbon Footprint of Solar Panels

If you think about it solar panels and the rest of a solar system are nothing short of owning your own electric power plant. The system generates power that is converted into electricity. Sounds like a power plant to me. But what about the carbon footprint?

Consider the Path that Your Energy Travels

It all starts when the sunlight hits your solar panels. From there the energy travels a few feet until it reaches your solar inverter. This is where the direct current (DC) power gets converted into Alternating Current (AC). Our homes and businesses require AC power. Everything in our homes un on AC power including air conditioners, laptops, lights, water heaters, and anything else connected to an outlet or switch in our home. It all takes AC power.

So the path from panel to the inverter, to whatever it is we are energizing in our home is all contained on our property. This means that all of that money, energy, and pollution associated with getting power from a utility company to your home is out the window. This is why the carbon footprint of solar panels is so darned low.


📏 How BIG is Your Carbon Footprint?

a measuring tape with "Get Your Carbon Footprint" overlaid onto the imageEver wonder what your personal carbon footprint might be?

How does one even figure that out?

It sounds so intangible, right? Well, hold on there.

There are actually some reliable tools out there that allow you to get a pretty darned good idea of what your actual carbon footprint might look like.


✏️ Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Click on the giant gold button below.

Enter some data into the carbon footprint calculator to find yours.





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