Green Energy Guide for Smarties – Part 4

Light bulb switching the powerstrip as new Green Energy Technologies

The continuation of the Green Energy Guide for Smarties is here in Part 4 of our 6 part series. Dig in and see how becoming a greener household isn’t really that far off. Inside this piece you’ll get info on hybrid water heaters, smart thermostats, and smart powerstrips.

Getting a Home Loan: House buying guide

Getting a home loan? Contrary to popular belief, a lot of new buyers assume that they need a mortgage to purchase their first house. What they do not know is that it is entirely possible to use cash to buy your home.

Green Energy Guide for Smarties – Part 3

A hand full of water under the heat of the sun that contributes green power energy

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Green Energy Guide for Smarties – Part 2

Bulb with an aloe vera plant appointing the Green-Energy

Here in part 2 of our Green-Energy guide we will get into the nitty-gritty of weather seals, insulation, and lightbulbs. You’ll see how stacking these three simple improvements can make a big difference in your monthly energy outlay.

How Can an Energy Audit Benefit You as a Homeowner?

Energy Audit

Energy Audits. I hate that word audit. I went through a tax audit about 20 years ago. Ever since the word audit makes me twitch like a meth addict. But energy audits are nothing to be frightened of. Are they worth it? Yes, they are. Here’s why.

Profitable Kitchen Renovations

4 different types of kitchen style for Profitable Kitchen Renovations

Profitable kitchen renovations? or embarking on a new kitchen remodel?, congratulations! You should know that the process of restoring your kitchen can be fascinating, but if you do not prepare adequately, the entire project can be overwhelming and daunting. A kitchen is more than just an area filled with kitchen equipment and cabinetry; a kitchen is a focal point of the home that brings individuals together.

Green Energy Guide for Smarties – Part 1

Clear bulb with a plant sprout for Green Energy

Back To Top Contents☀️ Green Energy Introduction🌍 Green Mindset 🕵️‍♀️ Search AZ Solar Properties by City🌧️ Rainwater Harvesting System📰 Green Energy Guide Series Posts🤓 Related Reading ☀️ Green Energy Introduction Green energy is soaring in the house hunting world. You could say that green is the new black. In, are homes with solar panels. Out, is … Continued

House Painting Colors Help Sell Homes Faster

people painting. A home with a faded blue door. Several images of paint, and people painting homes. The words " House Painting Colors Help Sell Homes Faster" superimposed over the images

House painting colors can have a big impact on home sales.

Homeowners that are looking to sell their property are often encouraged to slap on a fresh coat of paint if they want to sell their home quickly and for the best price. Many people do not know this, but paint color actually plays a more important role today than most homeowners assume. As a matter of fact, your home might sit stagnant for months or years simply because of using the wrong paint color.