Bigger house versus staying where you are. Which of these would you select for a living? We believe that almost all these areas or places each have their own negative and positive features. However, with the help of this list, we have decided to give some extra luv to houses. Not just regular houses, but a BIGGER HOUSE, this is the main reason why the following list of benefits associated with living in a BIGGER HOUSE has been put together.

🏠 Bigger House is Awesome!

Man outside his house thinking about buying a bigger houseA bigger house might be right for you. As you can imagine there are several advantages of residing in such a place.

If you are a couple with many kids who, as they are growing up they will need some personal and private space.

Just remember though, you still have to clean up space on a regular base. So there is definitely a trade-off.

And with all that extra space and all those people, there’s going to be plenty of nooks and crannies to misplace your stuff.

Nonetheless, for some, a bigger house does make for a better life.

Here’s your neat and complete list to help you learn more about that way of living. Read through the following list of benefits right after you check out some of the beautiful big houses below.

🏠Bigger House in Greater Phoenix

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 1. Different Generations Under One Roof

In case your parents are very old, but you’re still not yet prepared to take them to the house for the elderly, they will fit in perfectly in your big house, even if you have your children. And, it is obvious that your children will buy the idea of spending quality time with their grandparents each day.

On the surface, it may sound like too much. Realistically, there is a lot of good that can happen by having a multi-generation house. Grandparents can instill wisdom and give love to your little ones. Enjoying time together as a family won’t have to wait until that annual 4th of July family party.

🎇 2. Room for Holiday Gatherings

In case you are always the one that makes the New Year’s Eve party, having a bigger house will sure make this is much easier on several levels. You can live it up until the wee hours of the morning without having to worry about dodging drunk drivers on ameture night. However, if your friends want to stay a little longer, there will be enough rooms for all of them!

Christmas and Thanksgiving will be a time to build those family memories. Plan, invite, prepare, and enjoy those cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, spouses, and friends. Having a larger dwelling where more friends and family can hang out is always a plus around the holiday times.

👨‍💻 3. Room for Your Home Business

Working from home can be done in a tiny space, and it’s no fun that way. Running your business from a fully built out home office with room for supplies, desk, seating, and other office equipment is the way to go. Once you start working from home you may wonder how you ever did it any other way.

Even if you don’t have your own business it’s still nice to have a dedicated office space where you can knock out some work tasks or just tackle the monthly finances for your family.

Your office can be a customized space tailored to your specifications and taste. You might as well include all of the functional and fun attributes that you want in this important room.

Start writing down everything you can imagine wanting in your home office.  Keep your list handy so that you can brain-dump whenever ideas pop into your mind.

🔍 4. When it’s time to Sell Buyers Will Flock

Believe it or not, it is far easier to get a buyer for a bigger house, than for a smaller place. There are tons of small condos and homes for single professionals and small families. Those people have quite a bit too choose from. Families with lots of people under one roof do not have as many choices when it’s time to find a home. So, your bigger house will attract those who share your need for space. Don’t worry. As long as there are large families your big home will be in demand.

When it’s time to downsize from your big place to a smaller place make sure that you are working with an agent who is proficient in online digital marketing in the real estate space. Simply having a sign in the yard just doesn’t get it in our new age.

🌹 5. Bigger House for Your Gardening Plans

Large houses are not only about the big premises or area within them, but they are also about those things that are part of the outdoor areas. They normally come with large gardens, or the space for them. Make sure to get those plans on paper. Buy your heirloom tomato seeds so that you can start growing your dream garden in your bigger house. Check out some ideas about backyards.

Think about how you will lay out your planting spaces. Will you include raised beds? Will you have a potting shed? Will you have a greenhouse? Imagine the total layout so that tending, watering, and meandering is easy to do. Look at the area from your back patio.

Think about the various species, colors, seasons, and clusters of plants. Annuals, perennials, and even vegetables should be planted according to a well-conceived plan. Like the journeyman carpenter says: “measure twice, cut once”.

🛌 6. Room for Guests.

People celebrating an event on a bigger houseA bigger home can also allow for flexibility if you go from being just a W-2 employee to being self-employed. If all of a sudden you want a home office, you can easily convert one of your spare bedrooms to an office.

The same thing goes for home guests. If you desire to entertain, or simply provide shelter for your guests from far and near, owning an additional room or maybe two could come in handy. Unless, you want your guest to sleep on a couch, or make yourself do the same thing.

Room for Everyone

Whether you want to welcome friends, family members, foster kids, missionaries on furlough, or others, the additional bathrooms, bedrooms, and living space in a bigger house provide you with that room you require to accommodate all your guest comfortably in your home.

Having a large home is so much more than extra square footage just for the sake of having a roomier place. The extra volume of area lets you decide who and when to open your doors to others.

You will have times when you want to hole up with your kids and spouse. There will be other times when you could have 70 people on your property enjoying bbq, swimming, and other get-togethers.

♻ 7. Space for Different Purposes

When you own a smaller home, you are mostly pretty limited in the way you make use of the available space. The living room must always be used as the living area, while the dining area must be used for your dining purposes too. Also, the bedrooms must be used as your bedrooms, and so on.

However, when you have greater available space, you can utilize it for different purposes. As mentioned earlier, you can make use of some space for your home office.

School | Meetings | Playrooms

But, you may also want to use the available spaces for other purposes. For instance, if your kids are home-schooled, you may want to have space which you use especially for your children’s schooling. If your church members also meet in your home throughout the week, you might want to have a certain space designed for those meetings. Maybe you have a book club. Wouldn’t it be great to have them over to your house for your monthly meetings?

You can use the free space as well for creating a playground or playroom for your kids or a workshop and craft room for dad and mom. Some would use some of the additional room for a crafting room. If you have an artist or two in your home the dedicated place to create will be a welcome thing.

🤑 8. Your Bigger Home May Worth More Due to Its Size

Young beautiful woman saving her coin for a bigger houseA house with an additional bedroom ( or a bathroom) will generate a higher selling price as well. Although, you will likely need to pay additional for yourself when buying it. The appreciation may mean more funds in your pocket when everything is done. Appreciation also includes house painting and renovations.

One common highlight in other posts about smaller houses is the fact that they are usually very affordable as compared to a bigger house (they have smaller utility bills, and lesser furniture cost, etc.) While this could be generally true, depending on the area you reside and your intention for the house, it might be a clever financial investment to buy a bigger house.

High Demand for Big Homes

Spacious houses are still very high in demand. If you have plans of selling your house in an unforeseen future time, then it may be a good plan for you to buy a bigger one (in as much as it is within your estimated budget, of course). Check out listings to get an idea of an estimated budget. 

The additional square footage will benefit your household and be an investment for your financial future too.

🧹 9. Less Cleaning

Man with his dog cleaning his bigger houseIn smaller houses, you will always have this feeling of constantly picking up. Three kid toys on your floor can look like a very big mess in a smaller space. But with a much bigger space, few toys on the floor will not get you too confused and drive you up the wall. Your rooms will no longer look cluttered instantly. I know this might sound counter-intuitive however, it is true.

Square Footage Per Resident

Does it take you longer to mop and sweep? Well, sort of but sort of not. With a larger space, your room’s floors do not seem to go dirty so fast. We don’t constantly walk over the same spots.

While it usually takes longer to have the house cleaned up from the bottom to top you won’t always have to do it. The added space means less pressure on each square inch because there is room for all of you to spread out.

A few preventative measures (like doing laundry, dishes, and having toys picked up) every day goes a long way. Checkout our home maintenance checklist for every homeowners.


🛋 10. More Room and Space to Spread Out

Like we mentioned above, your bigger house lets you spread out. Each of you will have a certain amount of room. When people are crammed into tiny spaces the property tends to get dirty quickly.

Today’s modern rooms tend to have a specific purpose. Bedrooms are used for sleeping. The dining room is used for eating. The living room is used for working or relaxing.

We also own a whole lot of underutilized space. You can observe that the attic and basement (both finished still unused for the meantime) coming in handy as your girls grow older.

⚡ 11. Electricity Bills Can Be Tamed!

This is not a benefit for everybody. I only saw the need to point out that your electricity bill may not add up like you may have thought it might. There is a lot you can do to curb the dependency on utility companies and control your electric bill.

Including green energy tactics and products in your daily living can make a huge impact on your monthly contribution to the local electric company. The same is true for water saving devices too.

Windows and doors can be culprits of lots of energy loss. Make sure to seek out a home where energy efficient doors and windows are installed.

If you build or buy an energy efficient home you will save money on electricity and you will soften your Carbon Footprint.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 12. Kids Were Growing Into It

The number one benefit of purchasing a bigger house is for the fact that you could grow into it. The chances are you will be growing if you are in the market to purchase a home. Especially a big one.

After all, it usually is young families (or those aspiring ones) who are usually the ones to buy bigger dwellings.

Vision Planning versus Regret

Just ask anyone who has ever had a child. They will tell you that they wish they purchased a house rather than a condo, or they wished they had purchased a larger house or a house with an additional bedroom. Having the foresight to plan ahead can help decrease stresses that go along with selling a property that no longer fits your needs in the future that is lurking right around the corner.

You hardly hear people complaining about buying big houses, although it can happen sometimes.
Most people end up normally (emphasis is on “end”) with a bigger home than they need after their kids have grown up, leaving older parents with additional space than needed. The good thing is the bigger home can end up providing more of a nest egg for retiring couples when they do decide to move on.

🗄 13. More Closet Space

Closet space is among the main reasons why buyers desire a new home. If you are considering purchasing your, third, fourth or even fifth home, you should have already known how vital closet space is. With enough square footage, there will be more room space for storing hats, store shoes, and your wardrobe.

Older homes (especially smaller ones) tend to have small closets. In the old days, people did not own as many outfits as we do today. If you are looking at alder places make sure that you have the storage space you will need for all of the people who will be under your roof.

If the closet space is not there then you may need to renovate the home so that the adequate closet/storage is there when you need it. it’s no fun having to rent storage space. Make sure that the properties that you are considering have what you need.

🍳 14. More Kitchen Space

Kitchen space is one of the most critical pieces for a happy home. In bigger homes, the kitchen is normally the hub of the ground floor. It is that place where children gather to carry out their homework and that spot your guest will get entertained on the weekends. Does the place you have in mind need a kitchen rehab to make things work?

Irrespective of the fact that your heart skips a little once you see a double oven or a French door refrigerator, having this space for your developing or growing family is one of the main reasons why you should search for a new and bigger home. Also, many bigger houses have newer cabinetry, beautiful counter-tops, and much more!

🕰 15. Spreading out All Your Furniture

Have you noticed that the term “master bedroom” is not being used anymore? Rather, real estate agents and builders have decided to call it “the owner’s retreat” because your bedroom should be seen as an oasis. Are you having to walk sideways and tip-toe past the bed to get to where the closet is? Perhaps you share one sink with someone else? It is about time you upgraded. Picture a room where all your furniture is spread out.

Big furniture in an undersized space does nothing more than make things look like they are. Cramped. Having a larger floorplan allows you to use those pieces that are designed to function and ad to the decor in your big place.

My House is Shrinking!

While smaller houses may be all the rage at the moment, it is probably better off if you avoid one if you are on your way to growing your family. It is very hard to reside with your loved ones in a tiny place and an always understanding partner in just a one-bedroom apartment. That small living lifestyle can be a good one. It isn’t for everyone. Many who think that a small place will work for them are wrong and will shift gears to get a more accommodating place soon into the future.

Take the time to plan ahead. Your thinking should be placed on the other end of the spectrum whenever it concerns purchasing a home. Purchase more than you require now can act as more square footage to go up in value and will be there when you need it as your family grows or parents move in.

Of course, you may save more money with a smaller house, and minimize monthly home costs, not to talk of utilities. However, it may not worth it during the long run.

🚚When You Move

Phoenix Real Estate Agent John Cunningham eXp RealtyWhen it is time to move from your current place you will want to take all of your equity with you, no doubt.

I’d love to meet with you and help you plan towards your goal.

Feel free to reach out whenever you’d like to get the ball rolling.

You can text or call me at 1-480-442-3501.

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