Benefits of Solar Panels, save the environment and save a fist full of dollars. It’s the biggest no-brainer in the history of the earth.
Having solar panels on your property is equal to having your own private power station. Click To Tweet

Benefits of Solar Panels are simple to understand. First, they lower your carbon footprint just by owning them. Planet earth will thank you. your children will thank you. your children’s children will thank you.

Aside from the environmental impact is the financial sensibility of owning them. Having solar panels on your property is equal to having your own private power station. You use the power that you generate at your home. Slick, right?

Now, lets drop in on my chat with Sonny the Solar guy and get his take.

💰 What Are the Benefits of Solar Panels Financially

✍ Does it Matter If I Lease or Own My Solar Equipment

For some households, it makes a lot more sense to own. For some leasing is more appealing. In either case, the reasons for not owning a solar power station are far and few in between.

Sonny points out that solar generated power is always less expensive than power purchased by utility companies.

He goes on to emphasize that as the power companies continue to raise the rates, and your solar equipment cost stays the same until the end of the agreement you are ahead of the game just by having your own solar equipment.

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🤑 30% Solar Federal Tax Credit Through 2020

There is a 30 percent federal tax credit in effect that is in force until the year 2020. So, essentially, homeowners can reduce the cost of their solar power stations by 30% right off the bat.

Next, Get a $1,000 tax credit from the state of Arizona if you are installing a system on your property here. These kinds of credits vary from state to state.

As we move forward into the future the government is certain to decrease these kinds of credits. They exist to help prime the pump. They help get the general public off the fence.

In other words, this is a really good time to install a solar system.

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