The solar equipment that you install on your home will drop or completely eliminate your energy bill. Then, you will find that the panels make your home a much more valuable place to live. This is also something that you could do on your property, to gather more power if you have a large farm or property where there is a lot of extra room. You are collecting power on your own, and you are finding that you might not have to pay an energy bill ever again.

💰 Cost To Be Connected to The Grid?

🌞 1. Why Get Solar Equipment? 

Your solar equipment can generate energy that you can sell back to the utility company. Click To Tweet

The solar panels installed on your home are not only easy to managePowerlines in front of a sunset witht he text because they can take up a lot of room.

You might find that they take up the whole roof, and that is a lot of surface area to cover.

If this is the case, you will find that the solar panels are collecting more energy than you need.

This is where things change because the power company will want to be your partner in this matter.

Your solar equipment can generate energy that you can sell back to the utility company.

Imagine that. Selling power back to the grid!

Power Storage

Right now battery storage is expensive. I remember when my dad bought one of the first calculators back in the 70’s. It cost him a hundred dollars.

Well, you know what’s happened to the cost of a calculator. They can be bought for less than $10 all day long.

When the cost of power storage gets reduced we will have a ton of freedom that is hard to imagine. When it becomes reality some of us will be able to get off the grid.

2. You Cannot Store Energy

The solar power that you have collected cannot be stored inexpensively (as of this post in 2018), and you must have a way of dealing with that excess energy. The power company has a plan for you because they might want you to be one of their providers. They will ask you to set up a system that sends them power, and they pay you for the energy that you send. This is a really exciting thing for most homeowners, because it allows you to earn a little extra money. This is the perfect setup because it helps you pay off your solar panels, helps you earn extra cash every month, and provides you with some surety during the lean times.

🌅 3. Will You Ever Run Short?

It is doubtful that you will ever actually run short because your solar equipment fills the system long enough for you, to get most of your work done in the day. At night, the power can actually send back some of the power you got if you are a bit short, and you still do not pay them. You are living off the grid, and you are not paying the power company much more than a connection fee in most cases.

🌱 4. The Solar Panels Encourage Other Green Activities 

the sun with the text You might want to use solar panels to power your well, or you could use them to manage an irrigation system. You could put tiny solar panels on your windows to power fans that cool the house, and you could do the same thing with heaters in the winter. This is the perfect way to get your whole house off the grid, and you can avoid spending money on extra utilities most of the time. Imagine, you could be charging your electric car with your solar equipment. That would be a pretty cool way to soften that carbon footprint of yours.

The green activities that you start up around your home could extend to things like an electric lawn mower. If you are plugged into your home’s port, you will use power that was collected from the sun to power that mower. This is just one way you reduce energy consumption and help save the planet.

🤑 5. Saving Money 

These solar panels are much cheaper than they were in the past, and the technology is getting more cost-effective every year. You could buy solar panels that are a fraction of the cost they were a few years ago, and you will begin to see a change in the way that you are using energy. You might cut back on all your utilities, and your family can use energy more freely because you know the sun will come up every day.

The beauty of solar panels is that they actually retain value on your home. You might try to use the solar panels as a selling point on the house. The people who buy the house will spend more money on it because they want to have those solar panels. There are a few places that people truly value solar panels, and you might find that you have more equity in a house that is more valuable after the panels are installed.

🗓 6. Easy Yearly Service 

The yearly services that you order help keep your solar panels in working order. You must ask the installation company to come out every year, and you might even have a standing appointment with this to assess your solar panels. The yearly service is a cheap way to keep the solar panels running, and you can fix everything from the wiring tot he rigging.

🎬 Conclusion

The solar equipment that you purchase for the house is much easier to use than traditional utilities, because it was made to stand the test of time and run the whole house from one location. You can have the company come out to your home for a free estimate on installation, and they show you how to gather enough power to run your house.

The installation company gives you many chances to change the way that you manage your own energy consumption. You might cover your whole roof in solar panels, or you might use the solar panels to power little things around the house like window fans and the satellite dish. All in all, you are no longer paying a dime to the power company. In fact, they might pay you for some of the energy that you collect every month.

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