Various types of modern and affordable prefab homes which are attractive and cost-effective are available on the market.

🛒 Buying an Affordable Prefab Home on Amazon

Affordable prefab homes come in a wide variety. Today’s world goes way beyond the conventional double-wide configuration that used to be synonymous with the term “prefab homes”. There are even popular outliers like earthships. By now you’ve heard some of the new terminologies. There are prefab homes, tiny homes, kit homes, and modular homes. Some are simple shelters and others rival any custom-built residence. So what’s the big deal you say? Well, first of all the manufacturing can be done in a facility where measurements, cuts, and angles are much more precisely completed because the materials are not out in an open-air job site where accuracy is thrown to the wind in the name of getting things done quickly.

Amazon Sells Affordable Prefab Homes

Remember when we hesitated to pull out the credit card and trust the mysterious web to help us make a purchase? Those days are gone, aren’t they? Today you can step up to Amazons shopping cart and buy yourself a house. Seriously. Why is this happening? Because Amazon understands the need to be able to buy things affordably. Don’t believe me? Watch as Kristina tells it like it is.

💡 My Fascination With Prefab Constructed Homes

Affordable Prefab HomesThe wind from the chopper was so strong that I could hardly keep my eyes open. Because of the development that my dad was a part of I got to witness some of the most innovative ideas in the construction world when I was a kid. My dad worked for a company called Stirling Homex. That was 50 years ago. What I got to witness was seeing the crew deliver the panels for a home via helicopter. The panels were set down on to a concrete pad and the crew would go to work connecting the panels according to plan. Everything was labeled by room so that the construction team could swiftly put the home together in a matter of days.

Old School Modular Systems Ahead of it’s Time

Even the wiring, plumbing, insulation, plugs, switches, and interior wall finishes were completed in the manufacturing plant. Because of the work done in the plant the build time on the home-site was abbreviated compared to traditional construction methods. My dad’s role was vice president of job site construction. That’s a fancy title for a young executive just a. few years out of college. It’s a glorified way to say that he made sure that the crews worked in sync. I ‘m sure that it ran like clockwork at times and was probably like herding cats at other times.

Stirling Homex was a great company. They were absolutely way ahead of their time. About ten years after my dad left Stirling the company filed BK. My dad says that at that time it was the biggest bankruptcy ever filed in the state of New York. If you are interested int that story Google will serve up lots of reading material for you.

Prefabricated Homes Still Make Me Smile

Maybe it is all because of my experience watching Stirling Homex build that home before my very eyes. The TV cameras were there that day. Ribbons were cut, gold shovels turned the soil. The audience applauded, and there was a big party afterward. All these years later I still remember that. I was about 8 years old.

Today’s affordable prefab homes are even better. The men and women who design and build them have vision. It takes courage to open up new pathways for innovative technology. When that happens it seems like the cause and effect are exponentially in concert. Like some sort of a plot where magic is going on behind the scenes.

Is Modular For You?

Lets go deep on this and see if this outlier methodology is a fit for you. Read ahead and don’t miss out on all the links here that will help you get a full understanding of this exciting trend.

🏡. Ol-School Arizona Modular Homes For Sale

You will notice that many of the properties listed for sale are more like the old school “trailer” variety of pre-fab home. Still it’s worth perusing through the list to see if there may be a house that is suited for Dwell magazine cover.

These styles of homes are going to become more popular as would-be-homebuyers demand them. Gone are the days when a young couple rushes out to commit to the next 30 years of their life to be strapped to a mortgage. Today’s savvy homebuyer wants a life full of experiences and is willing to forego the McMansion for some culture and life experience.

What to Expect From Prefab Builders

In a word it can be summed up as “lots”. Because of the new midset and market demand the contractors will come. The benefits for the homeowner will be just what the doctor ordered. Cool design, low cost, and short build time top the list. Right now exciting things are going on with these builders.

  1. Lighting and plumbing systems are integrated into the panels BEFORE the panels are erected into their permanent position.
  2. Clean designs can be precision cut with diamond blade routers and saws that are tracked by computer-guided accuracy.
  3. The panels can be pre-finished with stains and paints before the pieces leave the factory. This creates a dust-free finish.
  4. The home can literally be flat-packed onto a truck for safe delivery. This makes for a lot less damage during transport.
  5. Architects are able to design with flair. Building in a facility drives down the cost to include design options rarely seen in traditional construction.

🤑 Affordable Prefab Homes Ideas

Modular Home CostsPrefab homes are constructed in pieces that can be easily assembled through a kit or transported to the desired location.

At the present time, there are various designs of modern affordable prefab homes in the market.

The scalability of any affordable prefab home design depends greatly on its easiness to assemble and dismantle when the need arises.

Most people desire affordable prefab homes because of its convenience and affordability.

Hence, having an affordable prefab home must also keep a variety of important homeowner tools.

The obvious driver here is the. money. People, especially young people, are watching the older generation scratch and claw to have the so-called American dream.

Some aren’t so sure it is all that it’s cracked up to be. Some see us trading in our life for the right to make mortgage payments forever.

That may be why the affordable prefab homes are catching on like wildfire.

Every state is a little bit different. What works in Oregon may not be suitable in New Mexico. What makes sense in Canada or Alaska is crazy to bring to the Southern California market. The home that is affordable and energy-efficient in Massachusetts could be an energy-sucking disappointment in Florida.

In Arizona, there are prefab builders that are tuned in to what works here in the severe dry climate.

Here’s some of the prefab companies in Arizona eager to build your next home.

💚 Prefabricated Homes = Sustainable Energy Efficient Living

Prefab Homes Are Green HomesIf you really think about it it’s easy to see why the green movement is being drawn towards prefab homes as if some giant magnetic force was at work here. Lets take a look at what makes this kind of home so attractive.

Affordable Green Prefab Homes

Affordable and green go together like peanut butter and chocolate. It just fits. It’s not by happenstance though. Affordability inherently means less waste because of low costs. So buying a green home not only brings a smile to mother earth, but it also decreases the owners out of pocket monthly expenses.

Fewer Construction Delays

When building a home there are a lot of things that cannot be controlled easily. For instance, the cost of building a home can go up when we factor in things like weather delays. Also, it is far less likely that tradesmen will hold up progress because when a home is constructed in a manufacturing facility all of the trades are present. They all work under one roof and show up at the same time. Each does their part almost simultaneously. This makes for efficiency that cannot be replicated on the traditional job site. There are virtually no production losses.

Cost of PreFab Homes

You can buy cheap prefab or not so cheap prefabricated homes. What gives? because of the high demand for architectural detail and energy efficiency these modular designs can cost even more money per square foot than traditionally constructed homes. In addition to the details, these prefab homes are most frequently smaller than most conventional construction homes. It stands to reason that the bigger the project the lower the cost to construct because the expenses are being spread out over a larger job.

Furthermore, it should be noted that manufacturers are constantly enhancing, refining, and driving down the costs of these interesting homes. Many of the features that used to be unthinkable in a prefab house are not baked in. Also, the accuracy of these structures is extremely tight. Now, instead of building in bad weather, these residences are milled in a temperature-controlled building. Living with mistakes and sloppy patch jobs is no longer the norm. In other words, these homes can now be built better and faster.

Affordable Modern Prefab Homes Under 100k

How about keeping the price down! Yes, you can expect lots of options. Right on Amazon, you can find blueprints, kits, and services that offer low-cost projects. Tiny homes, cabins, and super-modern pre-fabricated homes are all there for you to pick from. Plenty of books, guides, DVDs, and educational materials for under $50. Even more importantly, you will find more than a handful of actual prefab kits that range between $9,000 – $100,000. All you need is  the land and the man-power to assemble the kit.

💲 Inexpensive Alternatives to prefab homes in Phoenix

You’re here because you are intrigued by the inexpensive housing that prefab manufacturers have to offer. After looking into it more deeply you’re not sure this is the right thing for you. No worries. No apologies needed. Below are some affordable housing options in the Phoenix metro.


🏠 Modular Homes

Prefabricated Home designSteel homes are constructed in a manufacturing plant and build on a slab foundation.

Modular homes constructed by manufacturers are mostly used in rural areas.

In fact, many landowners with large acres of their land prefer to construct modular homes. In the hope that it can be easily dismantled if the property is sold.

Fond of these affordable prefab home is a well and septic system run by electricity.

The goal is to make sure that all your costs will be under control and have those expenses to fit in your budget.

Understanding the benefits and putting solar panels could help you lower your electricity bills.

Start stacking together these money saving pieces and you may be living free before you know it.

Lots of people are opting in to spend more time traveling and less time strapped to a mortgage payment. Modular homes provide the very thing that is needed to make this happen. Lower cost.

🏚 Log Cabins

Prefab CabinsThese are another form of affordable prefab homes constructed and assembled using kits.

The outer look of a log cabin home is rustic, and the interior is modern and comfortable too.

If your wish is getting a rustic home, you can order then an already assembled home or a kit that needs to be put together.

Today, they are constructed using prefabricated pieces found in kits.

They offer modern comfort, they also have a vintage look of old-fashioned charm.

So if the new-fangled sleek modern dwelling just isn’t your thing then maybe a kit cabin is.

Cabins take a lot of energy to build. That is especially true if the cabin is built from scratch.

Still, the satisfaction that comes from erecting a living space from one’s own hands is unsurpassable.

Cabins can be built on a low budget. They can stand for generations and seem to get more attractive as they age.

If you are thinking about alternative structures cabins are one of the possibilities that make sense.

Think about it. You can harvest the logs from your land. You can begin building as soon as you assemble materials and land.

Sometimes people of like minds will come together to help each other complete similar projects. Think about that as you contemplate the concept of building a cabin.

Imagine the gratitude and satisfaction that will rise up in you when you complete a project such as this, Imagine how fulfilling it will be to assist the people who helped you build your place.

⛺ Cottages

Affordable prefab homes like cottages are most frequently used in vacation areas and sometimes  make their primary residence. Just like the log cabins and modular homes, they can be transported and assembled onsite or offsite.

Various sizes of affordable prefab homes are available for vacation or for full-time use. They can be assembled on a permitted property and it is very common in vacation areas. The outside has a unique charm that gives it a very quaint look. The interior of the cottage offers you a modern comfort of your desire.

However, many designs of various affordable prefab homes describe above, are available at affordable rates in the market. Those whose interest is to acquire an affordable prefab house can choose from the various designs and sizes available for cottages, steel homes or log cabin.

Generally, the prices of affordable prefab homes vary according to size and the time taken to construct or assemble the house onsite.

😸 More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

There are lots of ways to build without being conventional. You can take the extreme route and build an earthship or you can think outside the box and buy a condo that is extremely energy efficient like those in Optima Camelview in Scottsdale.

Some exciting and notable creators of prefabricated homes are listed below.

I have linked to their websites for your convenience

Make sure to check out Dwell Magazine’s article titled 10 Modern Prefab Homes That Cost Less Than $100,000. In it you’ll find gobs and gobs of tantalizing images that will make you want to throw up a for sale sign in that old shack you live in now and go buy a killer prefab. Just do it.

This should get you all fired up for this cool and efficient way of building. Feel free to reach out to me any time. I love helping people realize their property dreams.

You can reach me at 1-480-442-3501.

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