Is knowing how to write a killer real estate listing description really all that? Isn’t that stuff old school? Does it actually influence buyers who are looking for a house?

💻 Real Estate Listing Description

How to Write a Killer Real Estate Listing DescriptionThe real estate listing description is important. In the world of real estate, the first impression is king.

It’s what gets the buyer interested enough to inquire more about your listing and probably make an offer.

That said, beautiful photos of the property can be used to make a good first impression.

I have a standing deal with my photographer: he doesn’t try to sell homes and I don’t take the pics.

Second Impressions Are BIG

That is where a good real estate listing description can come in especially useful.

We get it: writing a property description is perhaps not your forte.

Of course, being a compelling writer wasn’t part of the job description.

Don’t sweat it. With the following tried-and-true tips, however, you can whip up a killer real estate listing description that’ll knock your buyer’s socks off.

Make sure that buyers who have done their homework will be impressed with what they read when it comes to your listing.

Tips for Writing a Compelling Real Estate Listing Description

🚫 Avoid Writing in ALL CAPS

sea gull with mouth wide open. The words "CAPS SCREAM" superimposed at it's mouthSee what I did there?

Unfortunately, writing your real estate listing description in all caps will not get you the right attention.

It screams out at the reader, something you don’t want to do to your potential buyers.

Use general capitalization rules to create something that flows nicely.

You can do this without being obnoxious in your writing style.

Yes, you want the readers attention.

No, you don’t need to piss them off.

Get it?

Got it?


Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

ALL CAPS screams out at the reader, something you don’t want to do to your potential buyers. Click To Tweet

📝 Take Care of All Grammar and Spelling Issues

While prospective buyers aren’t grammar nazis, a glaring spelling mistake can kill you credibility vibe. That’s why it pays to take care of all the typos, bad grammar errors, and other spelling mistakes right away. Here, a good spell check or a tool like I use called Grammarly can come in handy.

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🌬 Use Descriptive Phrases/Words to Breathe Life Into your Description

A dry real estate listing description will not get the buzz you are looking for in your advertising. As such, it’s important to infuse beautifully curated descriptive phrases and words into your description. It’ll add a little oomph and sizzle that customers love. Besides, it’ll help you paint a vivid and captivating picture of your listing.

Title Examples On My Website

Those title examples blaze the trail for your reader. They make the topic clear and beg the visitor to continue reading. So words do matter. They matter a lot. When we craft a listing description we are very selective and particular with our choices. We want the juices flowing before they set step onto your property. We want them reading the words over and over with anticipation and excitement. That’s the beauty of writing.

💪 Stand Up for Your Price

I got this wording from an old timer who enjoyed a lot of success during his time. In every single one of his listings he would write the following statement after the description: “Priced low and firm for the pre-approved buyer who wants a great deal on a great property in an area that is guaranteed to shoot up in value! This fantastic place won’t last long at this price, so write a squeaky clean offer now, and save yourself all the fun of a full-priced counter offer!”

Now that might sound a tad firm. It’s supposed to. If the buyer’s agent reads it, they get the message. If a buyer reads it they understand that low-ball offers are a waste of time. I took the old-timers advice. In most cases, I do include that phrase at the tail end of the description. It hasn’t let me down yet. In fact, agents call me and celebrate how I am saving them time with their clients. So, remember that it doesn’t hurt to use the description to make it clear that only realistic offers are acceptable.

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😴 Avoid Bland Descriptions

No buyer wants to read “STOP the car! Beautiful granite countertops, oak cabinets, and new paint. This charming bungalow is going to go fast, so HURRY, before it’s gone”.
Your copy should be concise, easy to read, and to the point. Above all, it should not be repetitive so that you don’t bore the reader. If you must, use bullet point to recap important information.

Size Is Important

Your words matter more than your volume. Click To Tweet

While you don’t want to write a real estate listing description that’s too short, it’s also paramount to avoid writing a novel. The rule of thumb is that 200-250 words can do the trick.


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