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4115 E Union Hills Dr, Phoenix AZ 85050 – North Phoenix Home

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Check out this home at 4115 E Union Hills Dr, Phoenix AZ 85050. It's a North Phoenix Home that [...]

Living in Phoenix is Muy Bueno

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I've got nine reasons why I'm living in Phoenix. Maybe you need to hear this? Are you living in the freezing cold? Is all of your money goinjg to your California Landlord? Then, this video may be just what the doctor ordered. WARNING: you may be moving to Phoenix after watching this. Just sayin...

Cost of living in Phoenix Arizona

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Maybe you're wondering about the cost of living in Phoenix, Arizona. We're going to talk about the cost of groceries, gasoline, utility bills, the cost of insurance, the cost of taxes. We're going to talk about rent and mortgage payments when we come back.

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