Sip Coffee & Beer Garage is still in its early stages of infancy, but it has quickly grown to become one of Arcadia’s most popular hangout hotspots.
: 3620 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA
: +1 602-900-5188
: Official Website

🛣️ Sip Coffee & Beer Popularity

The Bar area in Sip Coffee & Beer Garage in Phoenix AZStop over any day of the week and you will find crowded tables made up of both coffee and beer drinkers.

The situation gets a lot more crowded in the evenings and during the weekend, which is truly a testament to how impressive the atmosphere and the food are.

As the name suggests, this popular day and night spot in the Arcadia Lite area was originally an old auto oil shop that closed down.

Sip is now a popular destination for anyone looking for great specialty coffee, food that is made with locally sourced ingredients, and quality craft beer.

☕ Coffee & Beer 🍻

I walked into Sip today at around 2pm.

It was 117° today.

The place was packed.

Lotta people on laptops.

Lotta people chatting it up.

Some had coffee.

Some had beers.

The perfect storm.

It seems that Sip is on to something.

🏚️ Expect Exceptional Place

Here, you can expect a young and hip crowd thanks to the unique and eclectic space.

To keep the atmosphere vibrant, Sip ensures to play a carefully selected list of music throughout as part of the restaurant’s identity.

Some of the staples that are played regularly include indie, bluegrass, house and deep funk music although a number of local artists are also included in the playlist.

☕ Enjoy Fresh-Made Coffee

You can order a premium coffee to go or you can whip out your laptop and get to work as you enjoy your coffee in one of the comfortable dining tables. The coffee beans used at Sip are supplied by Cartel Coffee Lab, which is a local roaster. The coffee menu consists of both hot and iced coffee versions of latte, mocha, Americano, and chai latte. Hot macchiato, drip coffee, cappuccino, hot tea, and an array of different ice teas are also on hand.

If you are a new coffee drinker and are unsure about what to order, Sip makes sure to hire experts behind the counter that are ready to help you pick depending on what your mood or preference is. Aside from the great coffee, some of the meal offerings that you can sample at Sip included the Bacon PB &J, Tacos, mac and cheese, Turkey Club, Buffalo Chicken, Salmon BLT, which is made with spicy aioli, smoked salmon, arugula, tomato, bacon and brioche bun and many others.

🚗 Customers Accessibility

The Sip also has a drive-thru window that opens daily at 6 am for anyone looking for a bite during the early morning rush hour.

Although the drinks that are pumped through the drive-thru window are done so with amazing quickness, they are still as high quality as the ones served to customers sitting inside.

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