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Thanks for finding us on Facebook. Our Home Value Estimator tool is quick and easy. Like it should be. All homeowners want to know the answer to the question “How Much My Home Worth?”. That’s what this page is all about. Use this form to get an instant estimate for your property. This house value calculator is an estimate only using the internet to gather local real estate listings and sales in the area. When you are ready to sell your House, please call us at 480-442-3501.

The value of getting the price right from the get-go. It’s no wonder that 30% or more of the homes listed never sell. Almost every one of them got the pricing wrong. Use our Home Value Estimator to develop a sense of where your house is valued at today. Don’t rely on that for your final pricing though. This tool is a computer-generated home value estimator. It has no idea if your home is dilapidated or superior to all the homes recently sold around it. The tool only knows what other homes similar to yours sold for recently. The data used in the process uses properties similar in size that are in your community or as close as possible. The idea here is to use the criteria the an appraiser would use to make the assessment.

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Instant Home Value Estimator Weaknesses

Like I said earlier, the online tool has no idea about the condition of your home compared to others recently sold nearby yours. The computer cannot walk into your house and look around. Someday, maybe, but not yet. Currently, online tools can only crunch numbers. This is why it is so important to have a trained successful real estate agent set eyes on your property. Furthermore, it is extremely important to have that agent tour your home in detail.

Better Home Value Estimator

It’s easy to arrange a virtual visit.

Human eyes add a lot of value to your home valuation when pricing your home for market. We can facetime, Zoom, or review pics that you text to us to augment the numbers on line. This is far better than relying on a computer-generated tool. If this option appeals to you click here to set up a time to schedule that meeting.

Best Home Value Estimator

There’s nothing like the in-person visit.

An Instant Home Value Estimator isn’t a bad place to start. Video showings can bring in a ton of detail that will go unseen in a computer valuation of a property. The very best way to get a sharp value is to have a professional real estate agent visit your property. Give us a call and we will arrange the meeting.