Relocation planning probably doesn’t come to mind when you are thinking about an exciting move for the first time. Maybe it should.

🤓 Research to have Relocation Assistance

Spreading your wings and braving unfamiliar places is one of the most exciting parts of adulthood. It might be scary, but it can also be fulfilling once you get used to the new things in a new city.

Are you in this stage of your life now where relocating is necessary? While it’s thrilling to figure things out on your own, taking the time to do proper relocation planning makes for a smoother transition.

It’s a new environment out there. Don’t clip your wings by flying in the wrong direction. From the most cost-effective way to move to practical tips on how to cope with your new neighborhood, this article has got you covered.

Arm Yourself with these Top 13 Relo Tips:

Relocation Planning - top 13 tips to followRelocation planning is the best way, to sum up putting the horse in front of the proverbial cart in this case.

When you’re moving or relocating to a new city or state, you’re uprooting yourself from the common ground you have known. This situation means that you are saying goodbye to your favorite dentist, your usual gym instructors or to that friendly barista in your favorite coffee shop.

These things are integral to your happiness in your neighborhood. 

To avoid hassles in finding who to call once emergency hits, do your research about your prospect city. Where’s the nearest hospital or family doctor? If you have your little ones going with you, which school should they go to? If you’re an avid foodie, will you dig the local dining experience there?

Once you find out about all those things, know if you can afford to keep up with the pace of your new environment.

Is it an upscale town? Are the establishment family-friendly and affordable? What is the average cost of living?

Make a rough estimate of your monthly expenses and see if you and your family can financially embrace and survive the new local scene.

The smartest way to get to know a place is to visit it, talk to its locals and go by to your prospective neighborhood. If the people there are relatively happy about their environment, then you might be too.


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🔎 Job search

A man is having a job searching in a newspaper that is burningThe reasons for moving to a new city varies from person to person. Some families want to transfer to a more serene neighborhood; others want to move to the bustling metro. Whatever the reason might be, job searching is a common trend for people looking to relocate. 

The best ways to do the job searching in a new place include not waiting until the last minute. Start applying for jobs earlier before being ready to move.

This is all part of the relocation planning that goes before the actual move. Proper planning will spare you from facing last-minute breakdowns. The following are fool-proof ways to maximize your job-searching effort:

Talk to your connections

You might have friends nestled in the city you’re relocating to. Ask for tips about what companies might suit you best. Send the word out to your LinkedIn connections. This could open doors that may have otherwise never been available to you. 

Sign up for email job alerts

Check your emails, and a fantastic job might be waiting for your application. Wouldn’t it be just dandy if the perfect job opportunity availed itself right inside your email inbox? 

Be prepared for the interviews

Subtly wait for callbacks, and when you receive them, give them a go. Be sure to research the companies who are showing interest in you. Know what big news is out on them and be ready to demonstrate that you have done your homework. Nothing impresses like flattery does; especially when it’s the real deal.

Ask about working remotely

If your job is something you can’t leave behind, you better talk to your employer. Find out if they will allow you to work remotely. This exciting new trend is actually lowering costs for employers and helping families to be in the presence of each other more often. You’ll be able to enjoy meals together and be more connected simply by being in the same place.

Ask for a transfer

Companies often have offices in other cities. If you’re lucky enough, yours might have one in your new city. So, why not put in a request for moving from city A to city B? It could get one big hurdle out of the way. Income. Knowing that your income will be stable makes the attraction of exploring a new city or town even more plausible.

Enlist the help of a job recruiter

You need all the help you can get here. Having a recruiter is worth the try. And, know that recruiters are not only for C-level employees. 

Lots of entry-level jobs might just be waiting for people who are new to the corporate world.

📰 Actively Search for a New Neighborhood

A woman is actively searching for neighborhood after reading the relocation assistance tipsThey say you’ll never know someone until you’ve tried living under one roof. It’s the same thing with places. Visiting it for vacation is way different from actually living there. In the long run, discovering oddities is common. So before you say yes to a new neighborhood or condo complexes, check the following services before your relocate:

  • The average price range on apartment rentals and home prices
  • The convenience of location to job opportunities and local scene
  • Quality of nearby kids’ schools
  • Safety/Crime rate
  • Kid/ pet-friendly apartments
  • Roommate opportunities
  • Doctors/dentists
  • Childcare facilities
  • Petsitters
  • Shopping strips

Have multiple tours and speak with a trusted real estate agent about your priorities in finding a new home. Think clearly and weigh your options before deciding what you’re willing to negotiate on.

💁‍♂️ Ask for Help

The first few tips might seem like all the pressure of relocating to a new place is going to require any help. It’s okay to ask for help. Once you’ve found a new job, speak with your new employer. Find out if it’s one of those jobs with relocation assistance. Some companies help their new employees get to their new home. It also helps if you learn how to ask for relo assistance. Writing an email might do just fine, but speaking with a decision maker would be even better. 

If you haven’t found a job or your new job don’t offer relocation help, dial up your friends who live along your moving route. Spare yourself from the hotel for a night or two to help you save up for better purposes. Before you leave, allocate extra hours to spend with those who host along your traveling path.

🚚 Hire a Trusted Moving Company

 A moving company building with a moving truck outsideLucky you if you’re relocating due to job changes. The relo costs will not weigh you down too much. If not, finding the most cost-effective movers should be your next priority. As of 2019, the average cost of moving out of state is about a thousand dollars per room.

Part of relocation planning is looking for the best professional moving companies. It’s best to ask your friends or family members for trusted recommendations. Checking moving companies online is also an excellent idea. Don’t forget to read reviews. Narrow down your search by listing your top three choices. Make sure they are all properly licensed by the Department of Transportation.

Get Quotes From Movers

Once you’ve gathered your favorites, contact each of them. Ask for a free quote. Compare and contrast their rates, and services. They will perform an in-person inspection to see how things might work out for you. Some companies will also have a video survey to know about your items.

If you have never done it before, trying to figure out the process of moving into your new rental property or home can be a daunting experience. If you are driving long distance, you will need to determine the best moving option for your needs and your budgetary restrictions, which is not always easy to do.

Moving containers can also be a money-saver. The process should be similar to what you will do to research a full service moving company.

☑️  Get Ready for Your Packing Spree

Now that you have a job to look forward to, a friend’s place to crash, and have chosen the most suitable neighborhood, it’s time to get ready for one the trickiest parts when relocating. Avoid confusions by considering the following:

  1. Sort things by category.
  2. Schedule a free donation pickup.
  3. Set aside stuff to sell.
  4. Research professional moving companies.
  5. Pick the right moving day.
  6. Identify the best routes to get to your new home.
  7. Create a master moving to-do
  8. Check if you have original boxes for your electronics.
  9. Don’t forget to gather all your packing tools like boxes, packing tape, sharpies, and scissors. Get a plastic tub and place them there at once. Make sure to keep them near your first open box.

Your ‘first open’ box will have the following things that you might need right away as soon as you’ve relocated:

  • Important documents
  • Medicines
  • Toiletries
  • A coffee maker
  • Towels
  • Snacks
  • Any other “must haves” for your initial arrival day

🎁 Packing Time – Relocation Planning

Stock up extra supplies like light bulbs, extension cords, and power strips. These will be your saving grace once you start moving things in your new home.

Now, get to the job. If you have a trusted relocation service provider to help you, allocate enough time to pack yourself. Things that you don’t want to keep any more in your new home should be set aside. Clothes that you don’t use anymore or no longer need are some of the most common things to consider.

Hopefully, you agree with me that moving is one of the most difficult tasks. That’s why relocation planning is worth getting right from the get-go. Moving does not only involve huge outlay, but each stage is very complex. So, getting cheap moving supplies is a big help. If you can’t seem to let go even a box of your stuff, calculate the cost of moving them. Most moving companies base their price depending on the weight of your things.

Lessen Your Load

That exercise machine that you haven’t used in 10 years may look like a work of art, but it’s heavy. You could probably give it away or sell it online and be well ahead of the game. Heck, just buy it again on Offer-up when you get settled in your new place.

You can start packing in your living room. Move to the kitchen, and then to the bedrooms. This order is from relatively the easiest to the hardest. If you want the other way around, reverse the order and start with the bedrooms.

Always have 3 boxes in each room

  1. Moving
  2. Trash
  3. Donations

🏷  Label Everything

There’s no room for procrastination when it comes to labeling boxes. Don’t go sealing them and opening them to figure out which box has which. Label each box on all of its four sides. One by one, do this without missing one. You will hate yourself if you skip this. Your family will hate you too. I bet, the dog even ends up hating you. Just don’t go there, alright? 

You also need to number each box and list them all. Keep the tally for you to know if you’re missing any box as you move. Simple, right? 

🗃  Compile and Acquire Important Documents

Having a new driver’s license is one of the top things you should consider. Each state requires different time requirements when applying for a driver’s license and establishing new residency. Get yours ahead of time, so you have one less thing to worry about when you get settled. Make time to get that license when you are doing your final walk-through inspection.

Contact Utility Companies

When you are entering details in your relocation planning list make sure to include utility companies. Utilities should also be a priority for you to avoid missing any notices. This goes for both sides of the move: the place you’re leaving and the place you’re moving to. No need to pay for the new owner’s utilities in your old place. And, the last thing you want to do is live in a house without electricity, water, or gas because you forgot to contact the utility companies ahead of time. It could be a long weekend if you don’t make arrangements up front. You also need to notify USPS about your new address.

🛀 Unpack and Relax

Take a deep breath and let the boxes sit for a short while. There’s no need to rush this time unless you are hosting a housewarming party soon. Unpack your items once you’re ready. Like how you did with packing, unpack one room at a time. Pull up your precious list of things that you need. Thinking about where things go in advance is equally important as the big and obvious stuff. 

Once you have the bulk of things unpacked and the bigger furniture pieces in place you can take another break. Now, it’s opk to work more slowly. Place things carefully so that you . are not moving things around from one place to another because you neglected to do you up front relocation planning. Remember, it’s not a race. Things will be settled soon enough. 

💋 Embrace the Neighborhood

While the ways of embracing a new environment varies from one resident to another, joining a club or class is a usual thing to consider.  Are you into yoga, tennis, swimming, or reading? Do you fancy sports? Are you a health junkie? Join local clubs or teams that help you enjoy your usual hobbies.

Relocation Planning Includes Fun Stuff too

You can quickly identify opportunities and get involved. Toastmasters, a class for work, or martial arts are all good options. You can continue an old hobby or pick up a new one. The choice is yours! Moving to a new place allows you to bring over the parts of your lifestyle that you love and to begin some new activities too.

If you’re having trouble finding a local club, you can go online and skim through the many clubs available. 

🖐 Register to Vote

Exercising your right to suffrage is also a priority when moving to a new city. Same goes with getting a new driver’s license, and there’s nothing more substantial than registering to vote on your new city. You’ll feel more connected to your new community when you start reading about and voting on local issues. 

📝 Emergency Contact List as Part Of Your Relocation Planning

When life tricks you into believing you’ve come unprepared, it’s best to confront it with the exact opposite. Keep an emergency contact list of all the local information in your city or neighborhood. In case something happens, at least you’ve got someone to call.

There are emergency contact list templates available online. Print one or two. You can leave one to your babysitter or as needed. Relocation planning is not complete without this important step being handled. Not doing so would be like driving without insurance. Not a good idea. Part of being on top of things is making sure not to leave the obvious out. When you are detailing your master plan don’t forget the emergency contact list. Promise me, ok? 

🤔 Relocating – Final Thoughts

Relocating can be both exciting and scary. This one’s a milestone and an intimate journey for you and your family. Make it a big one by moving with a plan.  Be equipped with proper information. If you think you’re ready to consider these 13 tips in relocating, trust the positive vibe and just go with it! Don’t forget to ask these critical questions these are great relocation planning:

  1. Have you adjusted to the cost of living in the new city? Relocating to a new city might cost you higher or lesser than what you are used to.
  2. What’s your new neighborhood like?
  3. Make sure you are good with the distance from the local scene. Your kids’ school, nearest shopping center, or location of your new employment should only be right down the closest blocks if at all possible.
  4. Thought about all your moving costs? The farther you’re moving, and the heavier your things decide the moving cost. Choose wisely which things to unpack and donate.

How will relocating to a new city/state affect your quality of life?

The worst thing that can happen when moving to a new city or state is spiraling down to financial problems. Losing your property is the most significant sign of defeat. This won’t happen if you’ve chosen the right financial plans that suit best for you.

This life-changing step in your life can turn your life around into ways you can’t imagine. Start it off by stepping with the right foot. It might be financially challenging, but it will be worth it as long as you’re determined to do so. If you’re thinking about starting a new life in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, we can help you find the places to reside in our beautiful metro. You’ll have over 30 cities and towns to select from, so just finding the right place can be a big task.

Relocating to Phoenix, Arizona might be the best thing that can happen to you. Say yes, and we’ll help you have the best Phoenix relo experience possible.

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