How to Prepare for Home Appraisal? Home appraisals are the bane for home sellers. A home appraisal can make or break a sale, and it can cause severe issues for a refinancing request. If you have ever placed your house in the market for sale, you must already know how nerve-wracking home appraisals are.

🏡 How to Prepare for Home Appraisal

How to Prepare for Home Appraisal? Young professional checking all the criteria for home appraisalsHome appraisals are critical in real estate because they determine the actual value of a property.

Typically, licensed professionals conducts home appraisals that know and understand what affects the cost of a house in an open market.

Of course, all homeowners want their homes to be appraised highly because the higher the appraisal is, the more money you stand to fetch if you plan on refinancing or selling it.

Ensure that your home appraisal goes as smoothly.  

Preparing ahead of time is essential.

You’ll improve your chances of getting a favorable appraisal.

Here are some tips that can help you make for a home appraisal:

💠 Spruce your space up

Be sure to fix all the areas that you can, before the home appraisals are scheduled.

if you fancy yourself a DIY enthusiast, Go ahead and clean out the gutters and re-paint specific regions.

For more complicated repairs such as plumbing and electrical, be sure to rely on a professional that can make sure that everything is done correctly so as not to jeopardize your appraisal.

If your home has unique attributes make sure that the appraiser is acquainted with them.

Get Your Lawn Looking Good

Curb appeal is a big deal. We need to remember that appraisers are people too. Or, close to it in most cases. Make sure your lawn is edged, cut and watered before the appraiser comes by. If you have desert landscaping make sure that trees and shrubs are trimmed. Keeping your yard looking smart will only benefit you in your plans. It’s a total no-brainer. Just do it.

Is the Appraiser Qualified

Questions to ask the appraiser BEFORE they show up at your property

  1. Have you appraised homes in THIS neighborhood?
  2. How long have you been an appraiser?
  3. Are you a member of the American Society of Appraisers
  4. Can you please write down your certification or license number?
  5. Are you a certified appraiser of just a licensed appraiser?
    1. a certified appraiser his higher qualified than someone who is merely licensed.
  6. Have you ever been disciplined as an appraiser? If so, what for?
  7. Are you a member of the MLS (Multiple Listing System?
    1. Membership to the MLS is a subscription to the needed data to properly perform an appraisal. If the appraiser does not have a membership to the MLS they cannot perform a proper appraisal.
  8. Are you qualified to appraise a property with (fill in the blank)
    1. example: solar power systems.

đŸ’Ș Clean like you have never cleaned before

Young woman holding house cleaning tools before home appraisalOne of the most natural things ways to ensure that your home comes in at the value that you want is to wash the property thoroughly.

Ensure that space is free of clutter so that your area can look inviting.

Make sure that you deep clean your interior before the appraiser comes and clean it regularly after that.

While a clean house is technically not included in the appraisal notes, it can go a long way in helping to influence the appraiser’s decision.


đŸ•”ïž Inform the appraiser on any improvements made

Be sure to notify your appraiser of any home improvement projects that you may have made such as replace gutters and siding, a new rood, remodeled areas, and updated HVAC units.

Have a List Prepared on How to Prepare for Home Appraisal

When the appraiser shows up you can make their job a little easier.

They will be grateful for that.

Maybe the 3 homes that sold in your neighborhood are similar in size but lack the improvements you have made.

Type up a simple list that states each improvement made.

Show the year the work was done.

Make sure the improvement cost is there too.

Provide Evidence

If you have receipts for costly improvements like kitchen renovations, roofs, air conditioners, room additions, etc, you should supply a copy to the appraiser.

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